Idealism, morals, and responsibilities of learning: the challenge of being a student. (Photo: ScienceDaily . Com )
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STATUS as a college student is the highest degree education level given to the seeker of knowledge. It establishes itself that the student is a knowledge seeker with more holistic scientific awareness, both in the level of mastery of knowledge, as well as in moral practice of scientific accountability to the community. In that framework the college student status is very sacred, luxurious, and should not be taken for granted, even abused.

Furthermore, there are many historical records which placed the central role of the students as it always echoed; as a leader of change in the most critical moments. Therefore, the attire of idealism is something that should not be removed by the students as well as graduates.

Idealism is like the fangs of ideology, which can drive enormous energy, so that change becomes indispensable. Idealism can also be a guiding mirror, which always invites reason and mind to discus, being away from disgraceful character, guiding it to a true moral view. Do not lie, and be a brave knight: live and die to defend honesty and truth.

As part of the students, as part of the Airlangga Knights with the motto “Excellence with morality” , we are actually invited to not only memorize the phrase of the slogan. But also permeate it and accept it without sanction. Because we believe that we try to be able to carry a heavy mandate, along with the title of the student and Airlangga Knights.

Thus, moral capital is included in student idealism. It needs to be understood even more, even though reality erodes it in various ways. But as long as we are honest with ourselves, we will not lose.

We must continue to maintain this level of student idealism as great as the first time we are admitted (as a student), when we are optimistic as a freshman, as well as at the final phase of our studies. Of course, it would be great if we can keep it until the end of life.

Then the point of idealism that is juxtaposed with the moral will maintain the behavior, which is because of the age level of maturity, the extent of knowledge, as well as the degree of honor and alma mater that (always) need to be maintained. It is like a proverb saying A minute careless may destroy what was bulit in a age. It’s too silly. Our teachers will be humiliated by the act of moral conduct that deviates from the teachings and sounds of idealism that once raged.

Let’s interpret the idealism as part of our way to be fair to ourselves and to others. If we believe that cheating is a denial of the values ​​of truth, then the standard should not only be applied to objects outside of us.

Precisely, it is the first and the main warning which makes someone willing to open their eyes. Disclosing the surge of struggle-even indeed sometimes in many cases, we want it to be instantaneous as it is tedious.

As a final semester fighters, we should be able to maintain idealism from being forgotten. That spirit should be a general capital to embrace the blessings in completing the final task and be grateful for the graduation that is already in sight.

Insha Allah, the dreams that have been planned will come easily if we have the will to be honest, be a fierce warrior, holding idealism and determined in holding moral and character. Then we will really come out with “Excellence with morality” . Hopefully. Amen. (*)

Editor: Bambang Bes

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