AULA 2, an Innovation of Modern E-Learning Method

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The head of Innovation Learning and Certification Centre (PIPS) Universitas Airlangga, Yuni Sari Amalia Ph.D, (Photo by Binti Q Masruroh)

UNAIR NEWS – Electronic Learning Method or well-known as e-learning has been applied in Universitas Airlangga. E-learning method in Universitas Airlangga called Airlangga University e-Learning Application (AULA) constantly updated to facilitate the users.

The head of Innovation Learning and Certification Centre (PIPS) Universitas Airlangga, Yuni Sari Amalia Ph.D, said that AULA 2 System was the part of Universitas Airlangga’s responsibility to enhance the academic profile in internet.

“E-Learning is an answer for today challenge in education. This is our responsibility to enhance profile of civitas especially lecturers to international level,” Yuni sari said

Electronic learning system AULA 2 has been integrated with Cybercampus. The academic civitas of Universitas Airlangga, including guest lecturers, only fill lecturer or student number and password via Cybercampus to access AULA 2.

Previously, in AULA 1, registration was manually for subjects, name of lecturer and student. Meanwhile, the lecturers of subject need to register their selves to administrator of AULA 2.

In AULA 2, when the study plan card submitting end, automatically the lecturers is able to access subjects and the students either.

Yuni Sari informed that AULA 1 system was similar to AULA 2 in which lecturers and students are able to find out subjects for lectures in various format such as power point, book, audio and also audio visual. The other innovations are still in preparation for supporting modern learning.

In addition to subject lectures, According Yuni Sari AULA 2 embraced learning interaction between lecturers to students, or students to students. In AULA 2 provides virtual discussion room about subject lectures.

“It’s not only about questioning and answering, but also to enhance the critical thinking. Lecturers should provide questions that can improve critical thinking of students,” Said the English Literature Lecturer.

Through AULA 2, the lecturers are able to measure student’s comprehension to the subject lecturer by providing quizzes.

Based on rector issue, every study program was required to combine between E-Learning and conventional method. At least, there should be two from 14 subjects required to upload.

PIPS officer also held AULA 2 training to the lecturers. Furthermore, A board that located in Management Office UNAIR also to team up with Quality Assurance Board to control the updated subjects. (*)

Author : Defrina Sukma S

Editor : Binti Q. Masruroh


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