Bridging Program by Development Economics Student Association (Photo by Siti Nur Umami)
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UNAIR NEWS – The orientation session for first-year student is all about introduction of campuses and academic culture, including the study program. This year, Development Economic Student Association holds orientation activity called “Bridging Program” at Aula ABC Faculty of Economics and Business, on Friday (25/8)

The coordinator of Study Program of Development Economic Tri Haryanto, Ph. D, deliver his speech to all first-year student “I hope through this activity can provide advantages for the freshman that will be joining this program study (Development Economics),” Tri said

The speakers of this event were M. Khoerul Mubin, M.Sc a lecturer of Development Economics Department and Oktavia Dewi Rizka, the most outstanding student of Faculty of Economics and business Universitas Airlangga 2015. They both shared experience when they were student in Development Economics.

“My biggest motivation to keep studying is my mother. My mom didn’t continue her study to junior high school. It makes me keep going on to study higher,” Mubin said

Mubin holds the master in Economics from Queen Mary University of London through LPDP Scholarship. When he was in college, he was active to join organization and academic activity with his lecturers.

Meanwhile, Okta emphasized that the importance to adapt higher education mindset after leaving high school. She said that when in high school we used to learn something by teacher’s explanation in class, but in higher education student demanded to be independent and more active in discussion so it would make interaction culture among students.


“For me, I always remind myself about time management and discipline of daily schedule. Not all time spend for studying, we also split time for organization activity, doing task in weekend, hanging out with friends and the most important is me time,” Okta said

In the end of session, moderator led discussion which divided into two groups. Both of groups had to analyze and respond about poverty in Indonesia. This session aimed to improve ability in expressing opinion when in higher education

Author: Siti Nur Umami

Editor: Defrina Sukma S


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