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UNAIR NEWS – During every National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS), Universitas Airlangga always held Alumni Gathering. At same time with PIMNAS 30th that held in Makassar, Universitas Airlangga  Alumni Association (IKA-UA) held the Alumni Gathering and committee inauguration at Aston Hotel Makassar on Tuesday (22/8).

Based on Decree of Universitas Airlangga Alumni Association Number 007/PP IKA UA/SK/ VII/2016, from 62 UNAIR Alumni that been inaugurated as committee the 30 person hold tittle as professor. This new committee been officially inaugurated by general secretary Dr. Budi Widayanto, Drs. Ec., MP as the representative of chairman that could not attend the agenda.

Rector of Universitas Airlangga Prof. Dr. H. Moh Nasih, MT., SE., Ak., MCA., expected that Alumni Association could keep supporting the university to raise up the almamater.

During his speech, he said that UNAIR Alumni reputation based on International assessment, been on higher level than the university ranking (the institution) based on DIKTI. UNAIR ranking based on DIKTI assessment was on 7th position, meanwhile the Academic reputation UNAIR was on 4th position.

“It means our efficiency is great because by the 7th ranking we are able to make output as 4th position. So let’s keep making achievement,” Rector said

Rector suggested to the alumni to always write Universitas Airlangga in curriculum vitae, especially for those who had company to update their data in database. So, it helped Universitas Airlangga toward world Class University.

The General Secretary of General Executive of Universitas Airlangga Alumni Association, Dr. Budi Widajanto, SE., Ak., MP., expected to the new committee of Alumni Association branch South Sulawesi to arrange the work program.

“In arranging work program have to be based on organization validation, career development, and institution partnership. Meanwhile, all the UNAIR alumni association  from region level, branch level and faculty are agree to support our university target toward 500 world class university, which is now still on 700 position,” Budi said

Rector of Universitas Airlangga Prof. Mohammad Nasih and General Secretary PP IKA UA Budi Widayanto welcomes as the honored guest by wearing traditional fabric and cap of South Sulawesi or well-known as “Bugis” (photo by: Bambang Bes)

Chairman of Alumni Association of South Sulawesi, , Prof. Dr. H. Heri Tahir, SH., MH., appreciated well with general Executive board suggestion about work program. He and the board would establish the productive communication with general executive board to actualize the program.

“Board member of IKA UA South Sulawesi has no significant different with the central board. The different may be on the profession of members, in here (IKA UA South Sulawesi) most of them are lecturers, and other is notary public and medical personal,” Prof. Hery Tohir said

In board member of IKA UA South Sulawesi 2017-2021, the advisory members are consist of 12 person, 10 of them are professors. The experts board consist of 13 person, 10 of them are professor. The six professors is regular officer and four professors serve as administrator.

Besides  Prof. Dr. H. Heri Tohir, SH, MH  as the general chairman,   Prof. Dr. Muh Ali Lakatu as the chairman 1, SE., MS.,  Prof. Dr. Syahnur Said, SE, MS., as the vice  II,  Prof. Dr. Abd Rahman, SH, MH. As the vice III, Dr. H. Nukrawi Nawir, M.Kes. as secretary, AIFO., vice secretary  I Dra. Hj. Herlina Sukawati, M.Si., vice secretary  II Birkah Latif, Sh., MH., LLM., vice secretary III Dr. Indirawaty, SPd., S.Kep.NS., M.Kes.  Prof. Dr. drg. Herlina Yusuf, M.Kes serve as exchequer, vice exchequer I Prof. Dr. Hj. Hasmiaty, M.Kes., vice exchequer II Dr. Nurfaidah Said, SH., MH., M.Si, and vice exchequer III Dr. Ir. Hikmawaty Mas’ud, M.Kes.

In the committee board consist of many divisions such as study and public policy, international study and Alumni Empowerment, creative business and funding, partnership and institution relationship, Organization and Alumni Empowerment, Community service and Management disaster, alumni empowerment and career development, Documentation publication and public relation and also networking and alumni database. (*)

Author: Bambang Bes


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