Robert James Bintaryo, Management Alumnus Becomes Head of KDEI Taiwan

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Robert James Bintaryo leading 72nd Indonesian Independence Ceremony at the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office in Taiwan.

UNAIR NEWS – Robert James Bintaryo is an alumnus of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) of Universitas Airlangga and the Head of Indonesian Economic and Trade Office (KDEI). He was a Management graduate in 1986.

Robert is the second of four siblings. Graduated from SMAN 5 Surabaya in 1979, this man born in Malang had failed to enter UNAIR. Robert then studied at one of the private universities in Surabaya.

The following year, Robert tried again to follow the selection of UNAIR admission and received in the Management Department which was his first choice.

“Until now I still remember my student identity number,” said the man born on 2 September 1959 proudly.

When Robert started college, his parents retired. He and his siblings who are in high education at the same time, must understand the family’s financial condition. Robert who likes to enjoy music, with his friends often organize musical events to earn extra money.

“Often made a show on TVRI. I myself can not play music, but my friends play. So we have some kind of event organizer music. When it can perform on TVRI I was very happy, “he recalled.

His thesis on cattle feed product of a company in East Java led him to graduate in 1986. After graduation, Robert worked at an insurance company in Jakarta. Two years later he followed the selection and qualified as a civil servant at the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Kemenrindag) at that time.

Scholarship to Study in UK

When he became a civil servant in Kemenrindag, Robert received a scholarship to study in the UK for two years. Robert took the Business Administration Diploma at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff, in the first year and continued to Master of Business Administration at Hull University, Hull, in his second year.

“Alhamdulillah my thesis was chosen by the professor to be examined. So, I did not need to go to the exam, “he explained.

Experience with TKI

Before leading KDEI, Robert has had many experiences. He served as Belgian / EU Trade Attaché (2005-2009), Head of Foreign Aid Division of Planning Bureau of General Secretariat in the Ministry of Trade (2009), Director of Basic and Strategic Commodity of Domestic Trade General Directorate (2014 – 2016) And Director of Basic Goods and Important Goods of the Directorate General of Domestic Trade (2016).

With his experience leading the organization, becoming an attache, and mingling with the community, Robert leads KDEI Taipei which consists of various divisions such as immigration, trade, industry, investment, employment, and services and protection of Indonesian citizens.

WNI Service and protection be a challenge for Robert. Because the number of Indonesian Workers in Taiwan alone in 2016 has reached 253 thousand or 1 percent of the total population of Taiwan, and there are 5000 Indonesian students in Taiwan.

He often went directly to the field to monitor the troubled migrant workers, visit the sick migrant workers, hold open with the workers, to work with the local government to organize entertainment for the workers.

According to this swimming enthusiast, the key to his success is being able to maintain trust, networking, and willing to plunge into society.

“I have a lot of friends. Without the help of my friends I can not be like this. In addition, also maintain the trust that has been given, “he explained.

Hope for UNAIR

As an alumnus of UNAIR, Robert advises students and alumni, that we remember that the state needs our contribution.

“Consider the people below, so that our contribution to the country can be felt directly by the community,” said Robert.

Robert hopes, with the quality of education owned by UNAIR, as well as the support of alumni, UNAIR can achieve better world rank. “We already have figures taken into account. We just need to improve it again, and continue to maintain quality, “said Robert.

Robert’s brother and sister are also alumni of UNAIR. His brother is a dentist, and his sister is the first female bone surgery specialist in Indonesia, dr. Yvonne Sarah Bintaryo.

Author: Inda Karsunawati (UNAIR Physics alumnus and Master of Technobiomedic candidate at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)

Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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