Ahmed Muhammad Omar Al-Madani. (Photo by: Faridah Hariyani)
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UNAIR NEWS – The independence of Indonesia which was declared since 1945 not entirely also can be felt by the others. It was said by the doctoral student program of Social Science Universitas Airlangga from Gaza Palestine, Ahmed Muhammad Omar Al-Madani

The man who addressed as Ahmed grown up in the middle of massive war. When UNAIR NEWS crew came to ask about his country, he mulled about it.

“You have to be thankful that you are Indonesian, Indonesia is good and has high solidarity everywhere,” he said

In his opinion, an independent country was affluent country that capable in ensuring future for the next generation. Indonesia also could be said as Independent country because was not being colonized by other country, had stable economics and high quality human resources to make better future.

“I’ve never felt free because when I was in Gaza, it still being taken over, under pressure and war. This so greatly sad,” he said.

Almost four years he has been staying in Indonesia. He always felt so excited when the independent day came. All the houses and building adorned with red-white accessories.

“It was all amazing here. There are many fun competitions joined by kids and adults. great celebration. All the ornament is red-white,” said the 1981 born men.

He expected for Indonesians to keep the solidarity to make Indonesia as role model of other country. He guessed that Indonesia was well-known with its diversity and tolerance.

“I hope Indonesia can be as better place for living. Indonesia has to be stronger than ever, because Indonesians is brave people that they could seize their freedom. Don’t let little trouble destroy solidarity of this country. Indonesia is great,” he said

He also expressed his gratitude to Indonesia government who has provided chance for the Palestinian like him to acquired great study in Indonesia.

Author:  Faridah Hari

Editor: Defrina Sukma S


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