Some foreign students participating the Independence Day celebration
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UNAIR NEWS – UNAIR management building on Thursday morning was crowded. The celebration of the 72nd Independence Day of Indonesia was celebrated with great fanfare. The academicians were so passionate and full of spirit.

There were various contests, yell content, slow bikes contest, parikan and Javanese karaoke. The yell contest was followed by all units at UNAIR. The participants did not hesitate to perform with full costume to show that they gave their all for the event.

Participants from the Information and Public Relations Center (PIH), for example. They wore make-ups, wigs and other accessories such as their own skirt  made of plastic ropes on the waist. They composed their yell with Goyang Bang Jali song melody popularized by Denny Cagur and became Goyang Merdeka. Festive applause and cheers heard after the appearance of the team wearing maroon-red clothes.

After their performance, a team from UNAIR Hospital performed. They brought some percussion instruments to support the yells. The drummers were wearing helmets of construction site. They wore the green uniform, usually worn by nurses or doctors in the operating theatre.

Slow bike contest was no less lively as well as the Javanese parikan and karaoke.  They really invited laughter. Because, there were various performers in the contest who are not Javanese. They have funny accent. For example, a participant from the Information and Public Relations Center named Helmy Rafsanjani, who sang Prau Layar.

Airlangga Global Engagement also held various contests for foreign students. They held a crisp eating contest, terompah (giant wooden sandal) race, and inserting nails in bottles contest. “It looked easy but it was difficult actually, ” said one participant shortly after he successfully put a nail in the bottle and shouted,” Airlangga! “The comrades around him were clapping and laughing.

Another participant named Lotte Patty showed happiness to participate in this event. “It’s an amazing experience. The campus residents decorate their room with red and white. We are also invited to celebrate, “said the Dutch student.

“We deliberately wear gym clothes and warm up like an athlete. So we could be the winner in a giant wooden sandal race and eating crisps, “added Thomas Van Scholik, a Dutch student, then chuckled. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman


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