Dahlan Iskan during general lecture in presence of AKK Master Program Freshmen, FKM UNAIR. (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)
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UNAIR NEWS – Humble, simple and assertive is the special characters this founder of the biggest printed media in in Indonesia, Dahlan Iskan. It was clearly seen when he was delivering a general lecture on Entrepreneurship in Healthcare Service in presence of Healthcare Policy and Administration Master program’s freshmen, Faculty of Public Health (FKM)  Universitas Airlangga, Friday, August 11.

Before the general lecture from Dahlan, Dean of FKM Prof. Dr. Tri Martiana, dr., MS., opened the event with a speech. She expressed her gratitude for Dahlan’s presence in his busy schedule. She also elaborated her faculty’s achievements and invited the students to achieve UNAIR’s mission towards world class university.

“This general lecture is a good lesson from an inspiring figure. So let’s support UNAIR to be in Top 500 of World Class University,” she stated.

In the event held in Soemarto Hall FKM UNAIR, Dahlan opened his lecture by inviting the students to pay attention to big issues especially on healthcare policy.

“Human resources, time and cost are three things influencing the healthcare policy,” he stated.

During his lecture, Dahlan also invited the students to come forward randomly and explained healthcare service and policy they experienced. It was done to make students understand theproblems and their solutions.

“I asked you to make a list of the problems. By listing them, you have solved half of the problems,” he explained. “Don’t let the less important problems continue on for long,” Dahlan asserted.

Regarding the problem inventory, Dahlan asked them to take the first step of making inventory, taking notes. For him, more or less problems will be manageable if they are already recorded or listed.

“It doesn’t have to be done all at once, just the ones you remember first. After you read them, check again. Less important problems may have just been made,” said Dahlan.

On entrepreneurship, Dahlan talked about the entrepreneurs who started their business from a loan or trust.

“Trust must be built. First level of trust is the willingness to do something. Willingness to do something not only from the words, but from the actions. From the willingness to work and help people,” he said.

Author: Nuri Hermawan


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