Teleconference held in Faculty of Dental Medicine Universitas Airlangga on Thursday, August 10. (Photo: Akhmad Janni)
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UNAIR NEWS – Students of Faculty of Dental Medicine who are in the International Dental Course (IDC) in Universitas Hiroshima, Yohana Hutapea, was graduated. The graduation was witnessed via teleconference by the officials and lecturers on Thursday, August 10.

In the teleconference, there are four universities involved in the program. There were representatives from Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Japan.

According to the Head of Information System Unit FKG UNAIR Aqsa Sjuhada, drg., M.Kes., 2017 is the fourth year of participation of FKG UNAIR students in IDC program in Hiroshima.

“The program has been held since 2010, and it has graduated two batches from the previous years,” stated Aqsa.

This year, beside Yohana, there were two other students, Nguyen Kim Phuong and Haing Siv Meng. These three students were graduated and witnessed by their each university officials through video connection. In UNAIR it was conducted in Dean Assembly Room of FKG.

“There were Vice Dean III and lecturers from FKG, while the Dean attended the ceremony directly in Japan,” explained Aqsa who was also a lecturer in Oral Biology Department.

Besides lecturers, there were also alumni of IDC Karina Erda Saninggar, Nadiah Kinanthi, and Dyshafilia Charindra. They sahred their experience in Japan, about their weather, discipline and the cultural festivals.

“The school bus always arrives and leaves on time,” said Nadiah who was the first IDC participants.

“It makes us misses the atmosphere and condition of Japan,” added Dyshafilia.

Telemedicine was not the first time held by FKG UNAIR. It was also held for sharing knowledge between the dentists in East Lombok with FKG UNAIR lecturers team.

Author: Akhmad Janni

Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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