Postgraduate freshmen make selfies during the affirmation ceremony. (Photo: Bambang E.S)
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UNAIR NEWS –Rector of Universitas Airlangga Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih has affirmed 1,451 postgraduate program freshmen. The ceremony was held in Airlangga Convention Center, Thursday, August 10. There were 183 doctoral program students, 1,015 master program students, 231 specialists, 11 subspecialists, and 11 profession  program students.

To the freshmen, Prof. Nasih reminded them to the important task they should do. Freshmen are expected to have plans of their studies.

“If you are still not sure with your thesis and dissertation research, it means your study is not well-planned. As intellectuals, we must plan them all because our fate is determined from our contribution to make changes,” said Prof. Nasih.

Furthermore, the professor of Faculty of Economics and Business UNAIR also expected them no only write their theses or dissertations. They were expected to work on their research publications in reputable journals as well.

“I congratulate you all. Study well. Let’s support Universitas Airlangga to be the best university in the world,” said Prof. Nasih.

In the ceremony, UNAIR Rector symbolically put muts and jackets on two representative students. One of them was Puteri Indonesia Jawa Timur 2017 Fatma Ayu Husnasari. The other freshmen followed to put on their jackets then.

The ceremony was then continued with scholarship awarding from Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education and Developing Country Partnership. The proceeding was attended by officials of university, faculty and important guests.

Make Selfies

In the occasion, UNAIR Rector also asked the freshmen to make selfies with their friends next to them. After making selfies, they were asked to publish their best photo in social medias.

“In the caption write your thesis or dissertation topic,” added Prof. Nasih.

UNAIR Rector hoped their studies run well without any obstacles. (*)

Author : Defrina Sukma S.

Editor : Binti Q. Masruroh

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