STEVITY, a monitoring tool to identify conginetal heart disease (photo by courtesy)
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UNAIR NEWS – The creativity of Universitas Airlangga students is continuously evolving. With creativity and innovation, five students of the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) create a device that can monitor blood electrocardiography and viscosity, also can classify congenital heart disease. This device, named STEVITY (Smart Telemonitoring and Blood Viscosity) that expected can help to monitor congenital heart disease (PJB).

After passed two series of assessment, proposal assessment to obtain funding by DIKTI, and Monitoring and Evaluation (MONEV) assessment of Student Creativity Program (PKM). Their innovation succeeded passing final round of National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) 30th, which will be held at Universitas Muslim Indonesia (UMI), Makassar, 23-28 August 2017.

They are Titania, Astryd, Ichrom Septa, Aji Sapta, students of Biomedical Engineering, and Kretawiweka Information System student. Their innovation been written on research proposal of Student Creativity Program and they are ready to present in National Student Scientific Week Karsa Cipta (PKM-KC).

“We got idea in designing STEVITY was based by 220 million Indonesians, from 6.600.000 newborn baby, 48.800 of them are PJB sufferer,” Titania said by quoting Indonesian Heart Association, 2011.

Besides, Titania quoted Indonesia Pediatric Association (IDAI) explanation that sometimes PJB did not have significant symptoms, so it took detailed screening to detect PJB. It also needed monitoring of affected children till they grow up.

She also said that it was first innovation which integrated blood viscosities measurement non-invasively and electrocardiograph to monitor and classify congenital heart disease.

“STEVITY is user friendly for medical personnel, so it can identify baby who suffer congenital heart disease earlier and can be sooner treated,” Titania said

The team also displayed real time data and monitoring on Stevity was designed with battery slot and portable package so it could be used whenever and wherever.

“For the next, we expect that STEVITY can help to reduce mortality rate due to heart disease and can provide health facilities in 3T area (outermost, remote, and disadvantages area),” Titania said.

Editor: Bambang Bes


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