IKA FISIP Unair Appoints Two National Figures As Advisers

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Inauguration of IKA FISIP UNAIR (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – FISIP Alumni Association of Universitas Airlangga (IKA FISIP UNAIR) held an inauguration at TS Suites Hotel Surabaya on Saturday, July 29. The organization that oversees the FISIP alumni has also appointed two national figures to become their advisers.

The two figures are Khofifah Indar Parawansa (Minister of Social Affairs) and Arif Budiman (Chairman of the Central Election Commission). The inauguration of Ika FISIP UNAIR was conducted by the Central Executive Board (PP) of IKA. After the inauguration, all directors conducted a working meeting.

Unlike the previous management, in the management for 2017-2021 period, the Chairman of IKA FISIP UNAIR Drs Andik Fadjar Tjahjono, M.Sc. have encouraged the entire board to have the same commitment to do more real action. Not just a lot of actions, but must be useful actions and known to the public.

“All the entire board of IKA FISIP UNAIR will work hard to realize the commitment of this organization it should be beneficial to the alumni, for the citizens of the campus, and for the wider community,” said the alumnus of Political Science Class 1985.

To realize that, added Andik,  the composition of the board comes from all programs in FISIP. They come from various classes and have the ability to fit the required fields.

“The management is not dominated by one particular program or a particular class,” said the chairman of IKA FISIP UNAIR who also served as Head of Institutional and Oversight, Department of Cooperatives and SMEs in East Java province. In fact, not only alumni of undergraduate programs, the alumni of master and doctoral is also involved as board members of IKA FISIP Universitas Airlangga.

Although they have just been inaugurated on Saturday, July 29, IKA FISIP UNAIR has conducted various activities, especially in cooperation, the field of economic strengthening and entrepreneurship, the field of study and development, social as well as arts, culture and tourism.

An interesting thing from IKA FISIP is the typical greeting, “Pokok’e FISIP”. This greeting is born from a long internalization process, through college experience and organization of the board at FISIP UNAIR.

According to IKA FISIP UNAIR Secretary, Awan Tjatur Perkasa, this is the dynamic of FISIP student life with tradition of dialectics, theories, and act in movements.

“This creates a strong alumni character in the argument, thinking before action, possessing strength in tolerating, and having high appreciation for the difference,” he said.

“Pokok’e FISIP” greeting is a reflection of the alumni self, not the ego but rather the pride of being a FISIP alumni.

In his speech, Vice Dean I FISIP UNAIR Prof. Budi Prasetyo said his department will soon create synergy between alumni and students. “Guest lectures are held every semester. So there will be a guest lecture  from alumni in each program, “he said.

He expected many FISIP alumni to engage directly or indirectly in academic activities, including in the curriculum redesign plan.

The board of Board IKA FISIP Universitas Airlangga was inaugurated by Fifth Chairman of IKA UNAIR Central Management (PP), Koko Srimulyo. Koko, who is an alumnus of FISIP, wanted the alumni involved in the event to produce useful outputs for alumni, community, and campus. (*)

Author: Head of Public Relations IKA FISIP UNAIR Zainal Abidin Achmad
Editor: Binti Quryotul

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