the team while observing Apis Dorsata Honey as an alternative medicine for osteoporosis (Document by courtesy)
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UNAIR NEWS – Osteoporosis is a most common disease. Based on the research that conducted by Students of Faculty of Veterinary (FKH) Universitas Airlangga, the honey of Apis Dorsata (the giant honey bee) can be as an alternative medicine for osteoporosis.

Apis Dorsata contains gluconate acid that can enhance the adsorption calcium to the intense. Phenol content has a role in bone metabolism and flavonoids can prevent bone loss.

The students are a team of Student Creativity Program of Exacta Research (PKM-PE) , led by M. Huda Ramadhan Ibrahim, and the members are Abdullah Hasib, Samsi Yordan, Siti Nur Rohmah, dan Salsabilla Abani.

Under supervision of Dr. Ira Yudaniayanti, drh., M.P.,. This research been written on research proposal of Student Creativity Program 2017 and got funding by Ditjen Dikti (Kemeristekdikti) 2016 – 2017.

  1. Huda Ramadhan said that he and team observed about calcium ash content and histology of laboratory animals bone which been inducted with osteoporosis by taking ovarium or well-known as Ovariohysterectomy, it been treated with honey of Apis Dorsata for four months.

Osteoporosis, origin from the word Osteo (Bone) and Porous (broken), also commonly known as broken bone. Osteoporosis caused fracture, back pain, physical stressed, low back pain, joint pain, thig pain, leg pain and also

The main factors of Osteoporosis in Indonesia are gender, age, bone metabolism disorder, lack of activity, lack of protein and lack of Vitamin D. women is considered four times more vulnerable than men.

By the research, of bone ash calcium showed the highest results in animals testing that been treated with highest dose of honey. The bone histopathologic results showed there was no osteoporosis, in contrast to osteoporotic-induced bone without honey treatment.

“Through this research, we expected there would be difference of histopathology and calcium ash content for every treatment group, and finally the difference clearly occurs, so it means that the honey can be as anti-osteoporosis medicine,” M. Huda Ramadhan said

Through this research expecting that honey can be as natural medicine for preventing osteoporosis.

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