Young Dentists Launch Integrated System to Monitor Pregnant Women Visit

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A young dentist gives an explanation on the input KIA data process at Puskesmas Pucangsewu, Monday, July 24. (Photo: Gilang Rasuna SW.)

UNAIR NEWS –  Students of dental medicine profession program at Faculty of Dental Medicine Universitas Airlangga have launched a web-based recording system Through this recording system, dentists can control the examination of dental and oral health data of pregnant women.

This web-based data recording was launched at Pucangsewu Public Health Center (Puskesmas). This system was inspired by many pregnant women who did not record their visit in dental clinic.

Beshlina, the leader of program entitled “Antenatal Care Data Synchronization (ANC) with Dental Visit Data of Pregnant Mothers Based on Web”, said the program was launched due to inconsistency of ANC visit data with visitation data on dentist. As a result, the condition of oral and dental health of pregnant women is not monitored well.

According to Beshlina, this web-based synchronization can minimize the risk of inconsistency of dental and oral health data in pregnant women who visit Puskesmas Pucangsewu.

“On the web, we provide an alert system in the form of highlights on the ANC and dental clinic columns if pregnant women have not made a visit. Thus, if the admin of the puskesmas notified by the alert system, they will remind the pregnant women to come to the ANC unit and dental clinic, “said Beshlina.

The design of the program was done in collaboration with information technology team of Puskesmas Pucangsewu. Together they develop the system from the stage of drafting workflow concept, designing the system in the network, to data input.

“Actually what we make is a kind of support system that is integrated with other programs. The ultimate goal is the birth of a normal and healthy baby, “added Beshlina.

Besides the launch of program, there are four other programs taking place in Puskesmas Pucangsewu including the Alert Husband Plus Program,  Puskesmas Midwife Empowerment Program related to Dental and Oral Health, Cadre Development Program for Pregnant Mothers Dental and Oral Health, and Smart Book on Pregnant Mothers Dental and Oral Health.

“Hopefully, when the AndC-Sys web can be used in the future, it can be integrated with SIMPUS (Puskesmas Management Information System) so other Puskesmas can get the benefit as well,” she concluded.

Furthermore, the students also hoped that the programs promoted in the counseling this time can be adopted by the health department to monitor the implementation of dental and oral health programs.

Author: Gilang Rasuna SW (Public Relations FKG)

Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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