FKG Students Pioneers Alert Husband Plus Campaign

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A young dentist (left) showing the toolkit next to to-be-married couple in Kelas Catin at Puskesmas Pucangsewu, on Saturday, July 22. (Photo: Gilang Rasuna SW.)

UNAIR NEWS – The importance of dental and oral health related to the body’s health is being publicized massively by students of Faculty of Dental Medicine Universitas Airlangga.

The students of Department of Dental Public Health FKG UNAIR were in focusing on their profession education in handling dental and oral health to mothers with pregnancy. They were organizing a campaign titled “Alert Husband Plus Program” in Public Health Center (Puskesmas) Pucangsewu Surabaya on Saturday, July 22.

The students found out that the distribution of pregnant mothers’ gingival health status in the area of Puskesmas Pucangsewu Surabaya was affected by some risk factors such as bad dental hygiene index, discrepancy of knowledge on dental and oral health and the low support from the surrounding people to the oral and dental health of mothers with pregnancy.

“The Alert Husband Plus program means that the husband can be an alert system and support system for the wives during pregnancy related to their wives’ dental and oral health, not only to be ready to take them to medical support,” said Dinna Fitria Greisya, head of the campaign.

The subjects are to be married couples in the near future in a class organized by Puskesmas Pucangsewu. In this class, the men got information on the danger of dental and oral disorder happening to women with pregnancy.

“The result of the previous analysis conducted by the team showed that the gum disorder such as gingivitis can cause preeclampsia marked by high blood pressure during pregnancy. There was even a case of premature delivery and when we checked the oral cavity, it was not in a good condition,” added Dinna.

Besides starting the campaign, the young dentists also held four other programs such as Web Based Data Synching “ANDC-Sys”, Puskesmas Midwife Empowerment Program related to Dental and Oral Health, Cadre Development Program for Pregnant Mothers Dental and Oral Health, and Smart Book on Pregnant Mothers Dental and Oral Health.

Dinna and friends hoped that the programs conducted in this counseling can be adopted well by the medical personnel to monitor the program on the public dental and oral health.

“Alert husband plus is a social health movement in the family level, by the support of health agency with the monitoring system. It is expected simplify the management process of pregnant mothers conducted in Puskesmas,” said Dinna. (*)

Author: Gilang Rasuna SW (FKG Public Relations)

Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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