2015 Alumni Encouraged to Immediately Fill out Tracer Study

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Illustration of filling in Tracer Study data. (Photo: UNAIR Information and Public Relations Center)

UNAIR NEWS – Alumni of Universitas Airlangga graduated in 2015 are encouraged to fill out the necessary data in Tracer Study.

Managing staff of Tracer Study from Career and Entrepreneurship Development Center in UNAIR Rahmantyo Lastiko Endi, M. Hum., said the form is for graduates of 2015, bachelor’s, diploma, and profession degree.

“The completion of UNAIR tracer study is addressed to all UNAIR alumni in 2015 because based on studies on tracer studies in the world, it was found that the most appropriate period for measuring transition indicators into the world of work and the relevance of competence acquisition is two years after graduation,” Endi said.

Tracer study is a study of graduate distribution held by the relevant universities. The goal is to provide information on post-college activities as well as providing important information about the relationship between colleges and professionals.

In addition, the alumni information distribution  is a requirement for accreditation of universities.

“Tracer study is aimed to track the traces of graduates and  find out education outcome such as the waiting period and the first job search process, the output of education in the form of self-assessment on the mastery and the acquisition of competence, evaluation of learning process and the contribution of higher education to the acquisition of competence,” added Endi.

According to the lecturer of English Literature, the results of data collection of alumni spread will help universities know the position of graduates in the professional world and prepare graduates according to the competencies required in it.

The results of the alumni distribution data will also be reported to the government to map the needs of the world of work with the development of education in Indonesia.

Endi said, the form of UNAIR alumni distribution located at http://www.ppkk.unair.ac.id/tracers/ is quite effective and efficient. It also ensures the confidentiality of data.

One of the main keys to successful tracer study completion is the alumni participation. Tracer Study UNAIR uses a sensory method involving alumni in a particular cohort, alumni of 2015.

“It is a pride for UNAIR if the alumni participation rate can exceed 50 percent,” Endi concluded.

Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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