UNAIR Students Create Free Energy, Zero Emission and Portable Power Generator

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PKM MEMBERS doing their research in an electronic lab on the campus of UNAIR. (Photo: Doc PKMKC)

UNAIR NEWS – Modernization has led to an increase in energy consumption on earth. Modern lifestyle and global industry competition have significant part of the accumulation of energy use.

Therefore an increase in energy consumption has raised concerns about energy availability, while on the other hand the energy reserves in the earth has surely diminished. BP Statistical Review of World Energy (2013) stated that world energy consumption has grown by 1.8% in 2012.

“Therefore Indonesia is currently facing a serious problem, energy sufficiency. Citing from the Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (2014) that energy consumption in Indonesia in the period 2000-2012 has increased by an average of 2.9% per year, “said Siti Nurmala, head of the Invention Student Creativity Program team of (PKM -KC).

That’s why, together with four friends, Siti and friends have succeeded in creating “PIONEER (Spin Magnet Generator) as Free Energy, Zero Emission and Portable Power Generator “. The four members of the PKM-KC team are Tita Aulia Nur Utami, Mayasari Hariyanto, Muhammad Zulfa Abdillah and Moch Andi Putra Jaya.

This PKM-KC creativity and innovation proposal has successfully passed Dikti’s evaluation, thus obtaining developmental fund in 2016-2017 Kemenristekdikti PKM program.

Siti Nurmala added that the consumption of electric energy in Indonesia increases and the reserves of power source decreases. Electric energy saving needs to be done so that the electrical energy energy supply in Indonesia does not run out quickly. For this reason Siti and friends made an innovation through PIONEER, a power generator which is free energy, zero emission and portable.

“The working principle of PIONEER is quite simple, by utilizing the force of the opposite magnetic flux as a source of electrical energy. This tool can generate electrical energy greater than the input energy used so that greater electricity usage efficiency, “said Tita Aulia NU.

This technology has several advantages, it does not require high energy / operational cost and maintenance, because using magnetic energy source which rotate continuously, can be operated in any weather condition and anywhere because of it is portable and environmentally friendly as it does not produce dangerous gas emission .

“The technology is expected to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel energy sources so national energy security in the future is guaranteed,” said Siti Nurmala. (*)

Editor: Bambang Bes

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