People need to be Smart in Managing Consumption

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Prof. Dr. Bagong Suyanto, M.Si, a professor of Faculty of Social and Political Science UNAIR, during his speech on Saturday (8/7) of award ceremony of tittle professor.

UNAIR NEWS – Prof. Dr. Bagong Suyanto, M.Si offers a new approach to the disciplines of Economic Sociology. During this time, many studies offered production activities by producers or capitalists. Meanwhile recent social studies only show the behavior of current society consumption.

According to Bagong, Capitalist or the financiers had many ways to steer people to keep consuming product.  Until, people could not figure out the needs and the desire.

“Capitalist is addictive, to make consumers keep shopping without regret. The they (cosumers, red) been led (hegemony) by the power of capitalist,” Bagong said

Previously, workers were the ones who been exploited by the capitalists, meanwhile currently, consumers as a target. This is a new way which developed by postmodern capitalists to make a profit. Not (only) by suppressing the wages of laborers, but by generating addictive behavior to consumers.

In practical level, sociology economic was not only talk about consumer behavior, but also as a study that can be understood by the micro entrepreneur in Indonesia. He expected that his idea could be as a strategy in arranging profitable product marketing.

He also expected that his idea was not only as an academic study but also could be as a practical recommendation for middle class economic actor.

“Because the continuity of a business isn’t just a matter of money or capital, but also there are strategic issues. Strategies such as how to market products or even value used both products, “said the lecturer at the Department of Sociology Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Airlangga

Bagong said, the government also needs to mind non-economic factors on the development of micro entrepreneurs.

“In the development of micro business, not only need capital and skill training, it needs other training. For example providing knowledge about product packaging, rpromotion, and branding based on modern people needs,” said the Nganjuk-Born men on September 6th 1966.

According to Bagong, sociology economics study could be as ammunition for government in developing micro entrepreneur. It was not about  product expansion, but in creativity of product packaging.

Sociology of Poverty

Personally, he told that he was born in a poor family, so he admitted really enjoy in studying sociology of poverty. Moreover in Indonesia poverty and social gap was the crucial issue.

“The thing that happened in Indonesia is not the number of poor people never resolved, but the gap is getting wider. So, the upper class and down class appears the class consciousness,” He said.

Bagong who still remains writing in mass media, said that consumer exploitation would be dangerous when consumer would be wasteful consumer which could not distinguish whether needs or desires.

Bagong offered a solution to minimize consumptive habit is through the critical consumption knowledge, so that they realized when they wanted to buy a product, they would rethinks between needs and desire.

“The desire can be dozens. It takes a customer’s critical intelligence and attitude that what they deal is a capitalist who is always making a profit, not just a laborer’s wage, but consumer exploitation. Now, consumers should be more critical, “he said.

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

Editor    : Defrina Sukma S.


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