Imamatul Addresses Character Education Issue in Outstanding Student Competition

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pendidikan karakter
Outstanding Student of Airlangga University, Imamatul Khair, is currently competing with 17 other students throughout Indonesia. (Photo: Defrina Sukma S)

UNAIR NEWS – “The new government intervened in the academic achievement side, but has not provided character education to children.” That is the phrase delivered by Universitas Airlangga’s 2017 Outstanding Student, Imamatul Khair.

Imamatul is currently competing in the national mawapres event organized by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education. The competition is held at Swiss-Bellinn Hotel Surabaya on July 10-12. There are 24 mawapres from various universities in Indonesia competing for the national title.

During interview, Imamatul explained what has inspired her to address ​​character education issue. In a tourist area in Pamekasan, she once met children asking for money even though they do not come from the poor family.

Imamatul believed that the habit was caused by the lack of character education instilled to children from an early age. As a result, they do not think about being useful for others. She called it as human achievement.

Through the idea of project based learning, she wanted to give lessons on character to children.

“We want them to write a daily journal or diary. The content is about their daily activities. The content of the diary is then discussed with the teacher as homeroom so teachers can intervene in character education, “said student of English Literature Undergraduate Program Faculty of Humanities.

Her love of education is not only acknowledged by Imamatul this time. Despite her education in literary field, the girl from Sumenep has a community that actively provides education for children. It was named Saghara Elmo and established in 2016.

Since last year, with her 20 colleagues from various circles including students in East Java visiting students in the region of Pamekasan and Sumenep to instill character education.

Although now she is still busy with the mawapres competition, the women born in July 11, 1995 has a wish to continue education in the UK for her master degree. Imamatul wants to pursue  career in education and teaching.

As UNAIR mawapres, the fan of Ilana Tan never stops winning. Scholarship recipient of Nusantara Activist scholarship is also a delegate of “The 3 rd Asian Undergraduate Summit at National University of Singapore” and UNAIR in 2017. In that event, she won the Best Cultural Performance.

The English Literature undergraduate student has also been elected in Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Camp U-Theory Leadership which was in collaboration with United in Diversity in 2016.

Author: Defrina Sukma S

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