UNAIR Students Make Hand Soap from Papaya Seeds Which Prevent Diarrhea

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Packaging of Papaya Hand Soap products to Prevent Escherichia coli Diarrhea Infection: "CARIPA". (Photo: Doc PKMK)

UNAIR NEWS – Diarrhea is still a global health problem, especially in developing countries. Based on data obtained from the General Directorate of Health Efforts in Pusdatin Kemenkes 2011, diarrhea became the most common disease cases in various hospitals in Indonesia in 2010.

Through Student Creativity Program (PKM), five Universitas Airlangga’s students Azizah TW (2014),Yossy Kartikasari (2014), Fitri W (2014), Ade Puspita (2014), and Adelia (2015) have succeeded producing Papaya Hand Soap to Prevent Escherichia coli Diarrhea Infection : “CARIPA”.

CARIPA is intended as a breakthrough as it utilizes papaya seed waste into active ingredient of liquid soap. This soap is expected to suppress the spread of diarrheal diseases that affect children and adults.

“This idea came up when our team noticed so much active content potential in papaya seeds to inhibit or eradicate the bacteria Escherichia coli . We know that Escherichia coli is one of the most common bacteria that cause diarrhea, “said Azizah TW, head of Entrepreneurship PKM (PKMK) team.

MEMBERs of PKM CARIPA team. (Photo: Team Documentation)

We need to keep the environment clean, especially hands’ cleanliness by using CARIPA hand soap before meals, after doing activity outside, or after defecation, is expected to suppress the disease of diarrhea. It is based on the results of trials conducted by the team.

“Our team has added special fragrance to CARIPA, so we hope it can attract people to get used to wash their hands using CARIPA,” added Azizah.

To date, CARIPA soap has been marketed to the public, although it is still limited. Orders for the soap can be made to mobile phone number : 087858931667 (a / n Azizah), or Instagram account @ kebaikancaripa.  (*)

Editor: Bambang Bes

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