PSUA team just arrived in Surabaya on Thrusday (29/6) (Photo by Defrina Sukma)
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UNAIR NEWS – The atmosphere of Juanda International Airport on Thursday (29/6) seemed so exciting.  Family, friends, and leaders welcomed the team of Universitas Airlangga University Choir Students Activity Unit (UKM PSUA) which successfully performed a brilliant achievement in Baden, Austria.

The UNAIR Choir team (Tim PSUA) received much congratulation due to the winning on The 3rd International Choral Competition Ave Verum (ICC Ave Verum) competition. It was held On June 24th-25th 2017 in the hometown of classical musician, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

UNAIR Choir team won three categories, “1st Gold Superior”, “Best Interpretation of a Choral Piece composed after the Year 2000″, and Special Award for Audience Choice”.

The leader of the team, Ronald Moses said that the success of the team was due to the well-preparedness since December 2016. For six month before competition, UNAIR Choir student club (UKM PSUA) conducted selection of the internal member for the choir singer, did the vocal training regularly and learnt the song lyric interpretation.

“From December to the day before departure we started intensive training. We tried to select the member. We chose those who were able to sing classical and national song, read the song partitur (sheet music) by playing piano, and place voice range,” Moses said

In ICC Ave Verum, PSUA Choir team sang eight songs; include a required song and eight choice songs. The required song entitled All That Can Breath, and following the other eight choice songs were Vezzosi Augelli, Dieu! Qu’il La Fait Bon Regarder, Contrition, Ave Maria, Trotz Dem Alten Draehen, Salve Regina, and Ave Regina.

They sang various songs of languages, such as Latin, French, Germany, British and Indonesia.

Moses who is a student of Undergraduate Program Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Airlangga said that it was undeniably that the competition felt so fierce. All the participants of eight teams from various countries competed to show the best performance and voice.

After been declared as a one of the highest point teams, UNAIR Choir team took part in Grand Prix along with four other teams.

“The competition was very tough because the competitor who we thought was the hardest did not take part to Grand Prix. The result was very shocking and made ort heart beat faster,” Moses said

After passing the whole series of competition, , PSUA team declared managed to outperform the other competitors by reaching a perfect point 97 out of 100.

Folks Songs Become their Flagship

In order to keep the best performance, when they arrived in Austria PSUA team did the vocal training during in hotel.



He told that the temperature in Austrian in the afternoon was up to 340 Celsius, meanwhile, in the night the temperature up to 130 Celsius. We did vocal training in the outside of hotel with cold weather and windy, even worst, we have been expelled by the neighbor over there,” Moses said

Unfortunately, the all new member could join the vocal training on full team in Baden just on June 22nd in rehearsal. Even though they felt so nervous during the competition, but it run well.

The following day, June 23, all ICC Ave Verum finalists were required to follow Long Night Choral Competition. Their performance was watched by over 250 audiens who attended the church where the competition was held. The church was the first place Ave Verum Chorpus song was performed by Mozart.

They sang Indonesian folk songs such as Cing Cangkeling from West Java and Ondel –Ondel from Jakarta.

“In Long Night Choral Competition, the assessment directly by the audience vote. Why audience thought we were amazing? Because we sang with danced,” Marcelino Rudyanto, Oh.D said, the UKM PSUA advisor who accompanied the PSUA team during competition.

Besides the competition, they also were asked to sing in a  public space in Baden, in front of many music lovers. They sang Indonesian song such as Yamko Rambe Yamko (Folk song From Papua) and Rayuan Pulau Kelapa. The citizen who watched them gave loud applause of their performance.

The winning in international event was not a new thing for PSUA team. The team who has jargon “Viva La Musica” had already won in 14thInternational Choir Festival Tallinn in 2015 as the 4th place of Mixed Choir category, 3rd place of Early Music category and 1st place Folksong Choir category.

They also achieved awards at the International Warsaw Choir Festival in 2012, and Praga Cantat 24th International Choir Competition in Prague in 2010.

Author : Defrina Sukma S

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