The atmosphere of intimacy between UNAIR Management Master students and children in Kampung Anak Negeri
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UNAIR NEWS – Management Master Student Association (Hima MM UNAIR) provides assistance and education to children in Kampung Anak Negeri, Technical Implementation Unit of UPTD, located on Jl Wonorejo 130 Wonorejo, Rungkut Sub-district, Surabaya, Thursday, June 15. They chose UPTD Kampung Anak Negeri because of the potential of entrepreneurship that can be invested. This is a form of community service as a form of spreadingscientific knowledge to the community.

In Kampung Anak Negeri, children are taught to create different kinds of skills. The university students taught them, through guidance, to do online marketing. Hopefully, this step can increase the selling power through the online system.

Until now, Kampung Anak Negeri already has sinom and handicraft products. The product should look for the right marketing strategy. For example, related where the place is suitable for sale, how the marketing should be conducted, the sales and so forth.

Head of MM UNAIR program , Dr. Gancar Candra Premananto said, UPTD Kampung Anak Negeri has a rapid facility development including its production.

“However, the ability of entrepreneurship and product marketing should be further improved.  MM FEB UNAIR has students who have work experience, as well as knowledge of entrepreneurship and good management. In that aspect, we are learning from each other, “he said. (*)

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