FISIP Postgraduate UNAIR in Kampung 1001 Malam
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UNAIR NEWS – The family of FISIP Universitas Airlangga Postgraduates holds a social event in Ramadan. This activity is the first, and will be done regularly every Ramadan or other special occasion.

Head of Administration Division Martino Arianto said, the parties involved in this event are the active students and alumni. The committee is from students of class of 2016, both S2 (master) and S3 (doctoral). They do a fundraising to hold a breaking fast together (for the takjil) and sahur on the roadwith the community. They also hold social work in the kampung 1001 malam, Lasem Baru, Krembangan, Surabaya.

“This is a form of appreciation and encouragement of the spirit of togetherness with the community around UNAIR or in Surabaya,” said the man who also actively participated in the event.

Mas Tino also said that the coordination with the alumni was done through facebook group account FAMILY PASCASARJANA FISIP-UNAIR. Also, via WhatsApp chat app while for active students, management was carried out by the chairman of each class. Each class is involved and informed about it. Fund raising for all events is conducted in a transparent and accountable manner.

“We thank you for the trust given to us. Hopefully we can support again in other activities,” said Mas Tino.

In general, UNAIR academic community members continue to perform social service and community service in the month of Ramadan. All elements of cross-faculty, units, or majors, did positive activities in this blessed momentum this time. (*)

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