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UNAIR NEWS – Some time ago, Ahmad Lukman Hakim had an opportunity to present his research in an international congress event titled 13 th Warsaw International Medical Congress (13 th WIMC) at the Medical University of Warsaw, Poland. This was a rare opportunity, as it was the first time students of the Faculty of Kedoktaran UNAIR successfully represent the institution at the international event.

This congress brings together hundreds of participants from master or doctoral program students from various countries such as Malaysia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France and other countries. In this forum, each representative of the institution presented its scientific ideas, including discussions. Lukman as one of Indonesia’s representatives had an amazing experience after a week participating in this event.

Lukman’s trip to Poland was his second experience abroad. Previously, the man born in Sidoarjo, April 27, 1993 was also in  a medical exchange program at the University of Groningan in 2016.

Lukman is one of the many students of FK UNAIR with great interest on scientific writing. During his undergraduate education, he often attended various competitions of scientific works organized by various universities at national and international level.

Dozens of achievements have been made by Lukman. His great achievement was for winning scientific poster championships and scientific writing contests. He has won Al-Qur’an scientific essay contest and Al-Qur’an Musabaqah Writing Competition.

Of those many achievements, the most memorable was the moment when in one week Lukman won four championships for scientific papers and scientific posters from three different competitions.

“My confidence grows every time I win the competition.  I did not get this sense of confidence when I first entered as a medical student,” he said.

Being a doctor is his goal since childhood. Although initially, Lukman had harbored his dreams due to the economic conditions of a mediocre family.

“My father is a farmer, while my mother is an elementary school teacher. It looked impossible if I could study medicine, because it is expensive. So, kept my desire to become a doctor hidden,” he recalled.

When he was in high school, the second of three siblings had even chosen to become a teacher. However, when approaching the final exam, he preferred to become a doctor.

“My teacher motivated me to enroll in FK UNAIR and try to get a scholarship,” he said. He was finally admitted to become a student of FK UNAIR in 2011 through free admission fee channel.

The winner of the Outstanding Student (MAWAPRES) UNAIR in 2013 was at first in doubt for being a medical student.

“At first I felt inferior with friends who are more ‘able’ economically. But because it was water under the bridge, so I dare not to do anything about it. I would be grateful if I could only graduate from the program, ” he said.

At first, the desire to be active in writing scientific papers was also a trial. Moreover, with such busy schedule, it seemed impossible for him to get out of the ‘safe zone’ as a student.

“I did not expect. After joining competitions here and there, I finally started winning. Since then I feel more confident, and started to think to focus on writing scientific papers, “he said.

In addition to the hobby of writing scientific papers, Lukman has even published a book entitled Dari Mahasiswa untuk Indonesia Berprestasi (From Students for Outstanding Indonesia). This book contains 31 success stories of outstanding Indonesian achieving students.

“This book was an initiative from me and other MAWAPRES friends in Indonesia. This book comes with the hope to inspire audiences, that there is no reason not to be outstanding. Whatever the obstacles, even if we are from poor families, as long as we work hard, there will be a way, “he said.

After graduating as a doctor, Lukman planned to work while trying to get a scholarship to continue the education as a medical specialist.

“Actually I want to serve as a doctor in the peripheral region later on. But because now my mother is sick, and father is also at old age, so I choose to take care my parents. If they allowed me, I would find an experience serving as a doctor in the remote region, “he said. (*)

Author: Sefya Hayu

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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