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UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga’s independent undergraduate program admission registration period has been extended. The extension was published on Wednesday, June 14.

UNAIR Vice Rector I for Academic and Student Affairs Prof. Djoko Santoso said that the extension was a way UNAIR providing greater opportunity for senior high school students to study at UNAIR through Independent admission.

“Independent admission is the last channel, the channels managed by the government SNMPTN and SBMPTN was over. UNAIR has given opportunity to students who were failing at both channels to register soon,” said Djoko.

UNAIR Vice Rector I also encouraged the students to think well their program sof choice based on the competition rate and interest. UNAIR has the policy to use the score of SBMPTN for this independent admission, so the students should not make mistake in choosing the program.

“They must be able to estimate, when they did the SBMPTN test, they have made estimation. They did not succeed SBMPTN because of lower score than the competitions. Therefore, they need to make few adjustments which programs to choose with lower competition rate,” said the professor of Faculty of Medicine UNAIR.

According to the data released by Student Admission Center (PPMB), the registrants of Independent selection as of Thursday, June 15, 9.49 AM has reached 10,717 people. The most popular program is Medicine Undergraduate program of Faculty of Medicine with a third of total registrants, 3,341 people. For the Social category, Law undergraduate program was the most popular with 661 people.

It is predicted to keep increasing until the end of the registration period on June 16, Friday at 18.00. The result will be announced on June 22, 2017.

Regarding the quota of Bidikmisi UNAIR 2017, UNAIR 2017 Bidikmisi quota is 1,050 people. There are still 457 people from SNMPTN and 281 from SBMPTN in Bidiklmisi program. There are still 312 quota for the students to get Bidikmisi scholarship from Independent admission and Diploma program.

Author: Defrina Sukma S

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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