UNAIR Contingents achieved rewards ad winner and runner up in Musabaqah Hifdzil Quran (MHQ) competition (Photo by: Special)
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UNAIR NEWS – Student Club (UKM) of MTQ (Musabah Tilawatil Quran) Universitas Airlangga contingent of Hifdzil Quran repeat the success in Musabah Hifdzil Quran (MHQ) competition among universities on June 6th – 8th. The competition was held in order to Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) Birthday celebration at KOREM 084/ Bhaskara Jaya.

The competition was attended by many universities, includes State University of Surabaya (UNESA), Institute of Technology Ten November (ITS) and Universitas Airlangga. In the competition,  Universitas Airlangga team consisted of 18 students.

Anis Fauziyah, a student of Faculty of Nursing Class 2013 became winner in 10 Juz Female category. Meanwhile, Dinda Az Zahra a student of Faculty of Economic and Business class 2015 became runner up in 5 Juz Female Category.

Mohammad Faiz Hayar, as the person in charge of MTQ UNAIR team who also participant of competition, said that MTQ UNAIR team were so passionate about learning about Al-Quran. They also have had some knowledge of Al-Quran since they were in high school.

“Most of them were from Islamic Boarding School. So, they get used to join this competition (MTQ Competition). We intend to follow this competition as our chance to muraja’ah (Keep Reading) the rote and improve our recitation of tilawah,” He said

UKM MTQ also sent delegation for Banjari Competition.

Faiz said that there was no special preparation to join the competition. It because they always spent their leisure time by reciting AL-Qur’an.

“Allah gave us more beyond what we were expecting. Our members become the winner in the competition. Alhamdulillah Allah gave us more,” Faiz stated

Faiz said to learn Al-Quran, let alone to memorize means little bit easy and difficult. There were many things they did to memorize Quran verses. Furthermore, the support of parent to make them stay excited in reciting and gaining rote of Quran Verses.

He stated that to become the Hafidz and Hafidzah (Al-Quran Memorizer) need to be smart in keeping up with the society. A hafidz and hafidzah had to be guided by good Al-Quran Guardian.

“Our hope for UKM (Student Club) of MTQ UNAIR is to keep the spirit in the search for  Alla’s blessings and be able to increase the rote and learn the content of Al-Quran. Because by studying the Qur’an, humans can know the contents of the entire universe, because Allah’s blessings are in it, “said Faiz

Author : Ainul Fitriyah

Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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