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UNAIR NEWS – Fasting means that we have to restrain self from thirst and hunger and there is a big risk of dehydration. The existing risk is normal as the people who do the fasting do not get supply of water for 13 hours.

As our body needs averagely six to eight glasses of water, we should optimize our time during iftar and suhur to avoid dehydration.

According to Prof. Djoko Santoso, dr., Ph.D., Sp.PD., K-GH., FINASIM.,  the best drink to rehydrate our body is plain water. However, many people prefer drinking drinks with flavor such as tea or coffee.

The normal water supply recommended is 2 liters. Prof. Djoko as the Vice Rector I UNAIR made an analogy with human which needs 8 hours of sleep a day.

“If someone has enough sleep, they will be fit. It is the same with water supply during fasting. Our body will not experience dehydration if the need of water is met from iftar to suhur,” he said.

Djoko also emphasized that dehydration is a condition where our body lack of liquid and electrolytes. Dehydration happens when the supply is less than the excreted liquid.

“We should remember that too much drinking water will cause a problem if the heart is in fatigue or the kidney doesn’t work normally. Choosing fruit such as watermelon, papaya, melon, and other fibrous, healthy and watery fruit,” he said.

Then, the vegetables are also important to consume. Water composition in an adult is greater so losing water will affect significantly.

“Drink enough water during iftar and suhur. Finally, reducing excessive activity will be better during fasting. Happy fasting,” said Djoko.

Author : Helmy Rafsanjani

Editor  : Nuri Hermawan

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