Nuruzzaman Mosque, Campus B, Universitas Airlangga. (Photo: Binti Q. Masruroh)
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UNAIR NEWS – It was almost iftar time. After their Asr prayers, students in Ramadan Mubarak Airlangga (RMA) committee rushed their preparation for an event held in Nuruzzaman Mosque, Campus B Universitas Airlangga.

They made some preparation for the venue, equipment for the sermon Beven and also the iftar preparation.

Like any other mosques in Surabaya, there were a lot of activities from Asr prayer to ten o’clock in the evening, either in the main hall or the outer parts of the mosque, spaces used as the center of Islamic activities of UNAIR students. While waiting for the iftar time, they were immersed in the sermon and then they broke the fasting together.

The sermons were from various individuals but most of them were lecturers in of UNAIR. Anyone can join in the activities in the mosque, lecturers, staffs, students even the public around campus.

“We receive ideas from SKI in faculties for the speakers. There are many faculties discuss their field of study in the religious event sermon,” said the Head of Ramadan Mubarak Airlangga, Muhammad Abdel Rafi.

Ramadan is the right moment for anybody to share, including in Nuruzzaman mosque. Everyday there are 300 to 400 packages of food given free of charge to anybody spending their time in the mosque. Before the adhan, the congregation have their takjil which were prepared by the committee.

“From our experience through the years, the second and third ten days of the month, the congregation is getting smaller. So, we reduced the number of meal packages. It would be a waste if there are many left, even though we hope that the are always more people,” said Muhammad Abdel Rafi better known as Refel.

Various activities

This Ramadan there are a lot of activities. There were sermons from Monday to Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday, there is a discussion on environment. This is a collaboration event with Tunas Hijau, an NGO in Surabaya.

There is also a discussion on astronomy and observation with stethoscope. It will be held in collaboration with Surabaya Astronomy Association on June 10-11.

“There will be a MABIT (Immersion Night to Strengthen Faith) here. We’ll look up the stars and observe the sky,” added Refel.

Mosque as Second Home

In managing all the activities during Ramadan, there are 86 students committee from various faculties in UNAIR. They are united in the committee of Ramadan Mubarak Airlangga.

In a day, Rafel and some other committee members spends almost 12 hours in Nuruzzaman as they also prepared suhur (pre-dawn meal) and stayed up for the night.

After the suhur and dawn prayer, they recited the Quran each of them then practiced giving sermon in the mosque. They trained their mental and knowledge on Islam by giving sermon as a reflection.

“We’re here everyday. We have a base camp. So, it feels like home,” said the students of International Relations program.

Even it is still the first ten days, Rafel hoped this Ramadan can be used well by all, not only the committee but also all muslims in UNAIR. “This Ramadan moment belongs to all muslims” he said.

The theme for this Ramadan, Awaken Islam Strengthen Brotherhood, Rafel hoped that all muslims can have self-reflections.   (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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