Denali Athletes Meet Wanala Founder

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Seniors and active members of Mountaineering Club UNAIR. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Before they leave for the USA and climb Mt. McKinley, the team of Universitas Airlangga Mountaineering Club has visited their alumni. It was made in Jakarta on Sunday, May 14.

Muhammad Faishal Tamimi, Head of the expedition as well as the athlete of Airlangga Indonesia Denali Expedition (AIDeX), said the alumni were the ones founded UKM Wnala 43 years ago.

The meeting with their seniors have given the athletes special impression. There are great difference of age, generation, and era but they felt like they mean nothing.

“Previously during the departing session on May 8, we met Mas Machsus, one of the founders. Wanala has reached 43 years old but he still wore orange jacket the identity of Wanala UNAIR,” said Faishal.

In the meeting, there also alumni of Wanala from different generation. Beside Machsus, there were Ibnu Purna, Dwi Sulistyo Cahyo, and Rudy. The alumni motivated them and told them stories.

“This is your time, I got everything in Wanala, if you can be serious in the organization, you’ll reap the results later on. Be careful when you make the climb because the wearher is unpredictable,” said Rudy.

The alumni also hoped that the sense of belonging and the bond will never be severed. Beside strengthening ties, the visit was also useful for knowledge transfer.

“We are always ALB (Extraordinary Members), even we are no longer active, we are open to share our knowledge, so it doesn’t stop in one generation,” said Dwi.

The meeting between alumni and UKM Wanala happened two days after the departure ceremony in UNAIR. Nine members of the team left for Jakarta on Wednesday, May 10. In Jakarta, the expedition team will meet the alumni, check the equipment and exercise.

After five days in Jakarta on Tuesday, May 16, AIDeX team is leaving for Anchorage Airport, Alaska to prepare and get ready to climb the 20,000 ft mountain.

Denali is not the first summit reached by UKM Wanala. They have been to four of the seven summits in the world, Cartens Summit, Mt. Jaya Wijaya (Indonesia/1994), Kilimanjaro (Tanzania/2009), Elbrus (Russia/2011), and Aconcagua (Argentina/2013).

After Denali, they plan to continue their expedition to Vinson Massif in the Antarctic and Everest in Himalaya to complete their seven summit expedition.

Author: Wahyu Nur Wahid (anggota tim AIDeX)

Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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