Indonesia Literature Program Enhance the Quality of Learning Achievement

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Dean of Faculty of Humanity UNAIR, Diah Ariani Arimbi, Ph.D., while delivering speech. (Photo by: Helmy Rafsanjani)

UNAIR NEWS – Indonesia Literature Department became the host of Forum Program Studi Sastra Indonesia IV (PROPROSSI) in discussing about learning curriculum.

This forum which was attended by Indonesia Literature Lecturers throughout Indonesia held in Surabaya on Tuesday (9/5). Vice Rector I UNAIR Prof. Dr. Djoko Santoso, Ph.D during his speech said that the achievement of learning must be relevant with jobs both at national and international level.

“The consistence of learning achievement is very important in regard to competent experts who will be graduated from a university,” Djoko said

Djoko also hoped that the study program which was established in 1998 could submit for ASEAN’s University Networking (AUN) assessor visitation. “AUN is the networking in ASEAN level, UNAIR includes. It is the assessment of education. The certification focuses on education management,” Djoko said

The Dean of Faculty of Humanity (FIB) Diah Arini, Ph.D welcomed the forum. She said the forum can be as embryo of independent accreditation board, especially in improving the quality of study program.

“There are many policies about study program which was released by DIKTI (Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher education) which can be as challenges and potential,” Diah said

The chairman of committee who also a lecture of Indonesia Literature Department , Puji Karyanto M.Hum, said that the meeting was aimed to balance the perception about learning achievement to improve the quality of study program.

“The agreement of this forum very useful for academic climate in study program, especially Indonesia Literature program,” Puji said

Since 2015, the Undergraduate of Indonesia Literature Program achieved A score from Board of National Higher Education Accreditation. Currently the officer strives to keep enhancing quality to acquire certification of AUN. From the regional certification, it also expected to increase level of education management to acquire international accreditation.

“Towards there, the Undergraduate Program of Indonesia Literature UNAIR will be less than a year because current education management is in accordance with rules ,” Djoko said optimistically

Author: Helmy Rafsanjani

Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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