Vice Rector III, Country Director Oxford Business Group, and Secretary of International Office and Partnership. (Photo: Helmy Rafsanjani)
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UNAIR NEWS – Since UNAIR has excellence in health science, it made the Country Director of Oxford Business Group (OBG), Federica Petrilili, visited UNAIR for figuring out the partnership  potentials. Discussion between OBG Director and Vice Rector III UNAIR Held at Rector Room on Thursday (27/4).

Federica gave great appreciate to the research and development of UNAIR researcher in health science field.  According to her, the contributions of UNAIR researcher has achieved the international recognition.  For example was research in tropical disease and steam cell development.

“It makes research and development grows better. It is good for development for the future,” Federica said

By that fact, OBG intended to establish the mutualism partnership between two parties. “This is the part of our move to share the information with UNAIR. On next June, we will discuss about it again,” Federica said

In the discussion, Vice Rector III Prof. Ir. Amin Alamsjah, Ph.D., explained about UNAIR academician potential. He said that UNAIR kept to strive to reach target towards 500 world class university.

Vice Rector III  along with secretary of International Office and Partnership, Margaretha Rehulina, stated, UNAIR was located in the second biggest city of Indonesia, Surabaya. It serves as an economics investment, cultural diversity, and study destination. Undoubtedly, Now UNAIR has 38 thousands students. They are not only from Indonesia but also from other country.

“UNAIR also has AMERTA (Academic Mobility for Undergraduate Program) Program that provides chance for those who want to continue study in UNAIR. So, UNAIR is really multicultural,” Margaretha said

In regard to UNAIR excellence, Federica who previously had ever as an OBG Manager Project, said that multicultural in UNAIR was able to produce the broadminded student.

“Through the multicultural in UNAIR, it will produce the broadminded student. Every university has to be excellent in research and development, and UNAIR has excellence in health science. That’s so important,” Federica said

“UNAIR has established partnership with many universities around the world. I hope, the potential will continually be improved, so the contribution in sciences can be better. That’s the important point and our reason want to be with UNAIR to develop sciences,” She said.

Author : Helmy Rafsanjani

Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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