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UNAIR NEWS – IN the near future, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga will host Ethics Teacher’s Training Course of UNESCO (ETTC). As planned, it will be held for five days from April 24-29, 2017, in FK UNAIR Hall.

For the event, there will be five experts from UNESCO sharing their knowledge on bioethics to dozens of participants. They are from various countries, including the education institution in Indonesia.

The event is held to improve the lecturers’ competence on bioethics development in faculties and university. Through this training, the participants can share their experience in educating, researching and providing bioethical service in their countries.

The training is based on the module developed by UNESCO with global experts in the education of bioethics.

For five days, the participants will participate in series of events, from teaching presentation simulation with instructors, workshop also seminar on bioethics.

This ETTC training by UNESCO is the first ever held in Indonesia. Previously, it was held in Malaysia, and this year UNESCO Office Jakarta collaborated with  FK UNAIR to hold the events.

In its history, curriculum of bioethics is developed by UNESCO as a mean to introduce and develop bioethics education in all universities in the world. UNESCO  pioneered this global bioethics by establishing independent association of bioethics in 1993, such as International Bioethics Committee.

In this event, global perspective of bioethics education will be presented. In the seminar, bioethics education will be reviewed and explained.

The education of bioethics depends on the lecturers’ competence. As a lecturer teching ethics, effective bioethics teaching competence is needed. Therefore, after joining this training, the participants will get officials certificate from UNESCO and acknowledged as bioethics lecturers certified by UNESCO. (*)

Author : Sefya Hayu

Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh  

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