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Humans are educated to be smart. Is the statement true and appropriate parameter to solve the whole problem in this country? Maybe yes and maybe no. But the clever people are always special, because they have a great chance to get easy to organize their future, even they only rely on their intelligence.

If you hear about Bidikmisi, then the students and graduates are part of the its history. That is the history of educated and fortunate people. Why? Because they are elected and financed by the State, although to achieve the success they have to compete with others in order to study at college. That is a struggle.

It is only a sense of gratitude and pride that we can offer as a form of awareness that Bidikmisi is an important part of the journey of this nation to seek knowledge towards a degree, which is too extravagant for economically disadvantaged classes. Higher education is still too expensive.

When it comes to idealism, pride and thankfulness itself are important, but not enough. The high achievement is only the starting point of devotion. But in fact, there are other bigger challenges that are based on graduates who are awarded scholarships from the government named Bidikmisi. They are not required to return the favor, but the instinct to repay is the call of a pure soul, in order to realize the ideal of Bidikmisi: breaking the chain of poverty.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in his letter to the Bidikmisi student dated March 11, 2014, confirms a hope for the future of Bidikmisi graduates.

” I want you when the time comes, change the course of history. Pay and redeem what the country has given to you all … “

Such is the quote of Pak SBY that reminds us how heavy the burden carried by the generation of Bidikmisi: “change the course of history” and of course with a new paradigm that leads to the progress of the nation.

This scholarship should not only give birth to a new priyayi class that is engrossed in its own comfort zone . But the Bidikmisi generation must be able to support the changing times with their social sensitivity as state children.

If we read interesting stories, containing values ​​of motivation and expectation from the book ” Dream Achievers: 99 Stories of Outstanding Bidikmisi Awardees  “, certainly optimism on the rise of Generation Bidikmisi as part of the 100-year gift of Indonesia is undoubtedly happening. Among them, many have studied further at the famous universities in the country or abroad.

No wonder if M. Nuh in the book “Sowing the Creators of Civilization” also expressed optimism that “in the next 5-10 years, there will be thousands of masters and doctors from poor families”.

We hope that the continuing efforts of Bidikmisi graduates to bring themselves together in a network of Bidikmisi can be realized immediately. Network of the graduates is expected to be a continuous cross-linked continuity of the post-student Bidikmisi process.

In a serious manner, the network of Bidikmisi alumni will prove two things at once: the fact that Bidikmisi’s quality is more than any other, and the fact that Bidikmisi students have consistency not forget-that they are assisted with the money of the people and will again serve the people.

Hopefully the slogan is not forgotten by the graduates of Bidikmisi scholarship recipients! (*)


Editor: Bambang BES

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