Metformin, Diabetes Drug with Lots of Benefits

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Press Conference of Quadruple Joint Symposium of Diabetes and Nutrition Center Surabaya-RSUD Dr. Soetomo- FK UNAIR. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Metformin is proven to be able to lower blood sugar but Metformin can do more than that. For the diabetics, taking Metformin with the right dosage can also give protection to Diabetes Mellitus patients especially who are active smokers.

Metformin is the drug which according to American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines is the first line therapy of diabetes. It has lots of benefits from its biomolecular aspect. Beside working as anti-diabetic drug, it also gives protective effect to the metabolic system, protects heart and kidneys and even resists tumor cells growth (MCRC).

It was stated by the Head of Indonesian Endocrinology Association (PERKENI) Prof. Dr. dr. Askandar Tjokroprawiro, SpPD, K-EMD, FINASIM. In a special occasion, Prof. Askandar said that the protective effect from taking Metformin has been published in some researches overseas.

“There are many research publications on other benefits of Metformin.  Taking Metformin in a long period of time can make tumor in the breast and colon smaller, he stated.

Based on a research in Journal of Diabetes 2016  in UK, there was a conclusion that DM patients who also active smokers and take Metformin as medication has 24 percent lower risk of getting coronary heart disease than the active smokers who do not take Metformin.  The risk of mortality is 48 percent lower that the DM patients who do not take the medication. Prof. Askandar emphasized that even Metformin has benefit to prevent the nicotine effect to cause cancer, but it is still better if the diabetics do not smoke.

Furthermore, Metformin also prevents the growth of mole. It is also recommended for people who like fatty foods as it can prevent vascular constriction. Metformin is also good for hypothyroid. “If it is consumed by heart disease patients, their infarct will not extend,” he stated.

Even though it gives a lot of protective effects, the use of Metformin should be prescribed by a doctor after making sure the kidneys status. The drug must only be used for patients with good kidneys condition and the right dosage.

“Metformin consumption cannot be done without recommendation. There are certain dosages, 500-200 ml/gram for a day. And the kidneys must be in good condition. Otherwise, Metformin will just give cumulative effect, settling in the kidneys,” he explained.

Prof. Askandar said, Metformin is just a solution. But, the most important thing is improving the life style and managing the eating habits and also routinely doing exercise.

Meanwhile, DM patients often worry if their life-long consumption of diabetic drugs can damage the kidneys. But on the contrary, Prof. Askandar explained that diabetic and hypertension drugs do not have harmful effect to kidneys but they even protect the kidneys. If they do not take the drugs, the blood sugar and blood pressure will not be controlled and they will damage the kidneys.

There are some drugs with damaging kidney side effects, such as painkiller and rheumatic drugs. The drugs are safe for consumption with right dosages.

Therefore, Prof. Askandar hoped that the medical staff can provide the right knowledge to the patients especially about their obedience to consume drugs which control blood sugar.

Medical staff must always update their skills through symposiums such as Quadruple Joint Symposium held by Center of Diabetes and Nutrition Surabaya -RSUD Dr. Soetomo- FK UNAIR. This time the theme was “Cardiometabolic Health Toward-2020. Challenge in Prevention and Treatment of Obesity, MetS, CMR and the CMDs.

This activity is held annually by Indonesian Endocrinology Association (PERKENI) Surabaya in collaboration with Indonesian Internal Medicine Specialist Association (PAPDI) Surabaya. The symposium invited experts from 14 Indonesian diabetes center. The event discussed and find solutions and inform the latest scientific developments for doctors and medical staffs.

Author: Sefya Hayu

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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