GALI Wulansari, student of Faculty of Nursing (FKp) Universitas Airlangga after winning first place in Kyorogi Taekwondo, Magupura Internasional Championship 2017, in Bali. (Photo: Personal Documentation)
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UNAIR NEWS – Being an outstanding student is a pride for herself and also people arounds. Gali Wulansari, a nursing student of UNAIR won the gold medal in Kyorogi Taekwondo senior Female of Magupura International Championship 2017 which was held in Bali few days ago.

The 2015 nursing student admitted that it takes time make the achievement. She has learned taekwondo since she was in elementary school in 2006 from her father who was also a taekwondo athlete.

“I have been training taekwondo since I was in elementary school in 2006. My father introduced me to Taekwondo because he was a taekwondo athlete,” Gali said.

She was born in Lamongan, September 28th 1997. She did not believe that she got the first winner. That was the result of her everyday training. She believes that a result will never betray the process and her major motivation was from her parents and coach.

This nurse wants to be admitted that she did not have specific tricks to win, she just keeps training.

“My training schedule is in the evening and sometimes I arrived at home at 23.00. When the championship is in a week. I do intensive training everyday. So, there must be good cooperation between team and coach,” Gali said.

Bagi Gali Wulansari, menjadi seorang atlet taekwondo tidak menggangu mekanisme belajarnya di kampus, bahkan tugas-tugas perkuliahannya pun berjalan lancar. Bahkan dari taekwondo ini ia mendapat keluarga baru. Dapat merasakan suka duka dalam kehidupan dan berjuang bersama, mendapat ilmu yang sangat berharga untuk bela diri.

According to Gali, being a Taekwondo athlete does not bother her formal learning. It runs well. She feels like having a new family in her taekwondo team.

“When I’m on the mattress, I am taught to think smart and brave to take decision. Because when we make a wrong, it will be fatal,” she said.

She admitted that she was in doubt in taking part in the international championship. But, her coach gave her motivation and her parents gave their support. She dared herself to bring best achievement for her family.

“My parents totally support me, but sometimes they are afraid of me getting injured. But, it is normal. And the competition was far away from  parents, so I have to convince them that I would be fine, ” Gali said.

Dreams come true, Gali did it. Now, she is a great asset of UNAIR to gain more achievements in taekwondo. (*)

Author: Ainul Fitriyah
Editor: Bambang Bes

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