Pharmacy Alumni Reunion Adopts the Philosophy of Coconut Broom

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The first batch of Faculty of Pharmacy (FF) proudly calling themselves “ALFAS Sepuh Semangat” when performing in the reunion. (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)

UNAIR NEWS – “We are adopting the philosophy of a coconut broom”. It was stated by a representative of Central Management of Universitas Airlangga Alumni Association  (PP IKA-UA) Dr. Suko Hardjono, MS., Apt., during the reunion of Faculty of Pharmacy IKA (FF) in Semarang, on Saturday, March 11.

In presence if the members of Pharmacy Airlangga Alumni Surabaya (ALFAS), Suko also explained the roles of IKA in the centre, the regional or the branches. Suko requested the alumni to keep maintaining communication with the others, even they are from different faculties or disciplines.

“Coconot broom is useless if there is only one vein of palm frond, but when there are many of them and they are united, they are very useful to achieve things.  Hopefully this reunion can unite us to do a lot of things. The central management is proud of ALFAS solidity,” he explained in the reunion of alumni from 1963 to 2002.

To maintain and develop the network of alumni, Suko also explained that his unit is trying to develop IKA in regions and branches. There will be IKA-UA congress which gathers alumni from different generations.

Insya Allah on April 15 we will hold a congress of IKA. I hope all friends in various areas can support the central and regional IKA,” said Suko who is also the lecturer of FF.

In agreement  with Suko’s statement, the representative of IKA-UA Central Java, M. Sadikin said that solidity of alumni is needed. In professional world, for example, Sadikin, explained that he often needs assistance from alumni outside his discipline.

“Here (Central Java, ed) IKA members help each other. It is the moment for synergy. If not, we will be left behind by other universities. We must also work hard until the end,” said the alumnus of 1974.

Beside solidity, there was another important thing discussed in the reunion, the alumni treasury. Drs. Suharno, Apt., as the General Secretary of IKA-FF UNAIR said that the fund is not only for alumni. It can be used to help FF students’ researches and help them in international competitions.

“There was a student going to Japan. Alhamdulillah alumni could help. I hoped the alumni treasury is not only from the routine contribution but also from our businesses,” said Suharno.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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