Universitas Telkom High Ranking Officials when visiting UNAIR. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)
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UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Telkom, Bandung, despite being still very young, has set a target to become a world-class university. Therefore, they visited Universitas Airlangga (10/3) to enrich their knowledge about education system.

The Secretariat Director of Universitas Telkom led the visit accompanied by other high-ranking officials, such as Quality Assurance Unit Section Head, Industrial Development and Control Section Head, Secretary to the Chairman, and some other department staff.

Dadan R. as the Secretariat Director of Universitas Telkom stated that the visit was meant to absorb information about education development at UNAIR. Despite their youth, founded in 2013, they were determined to compete with world-class universities.

“I believe the best way to learn is with the closest university. Ranking wise, UNAIR is above us. We are searching for the best practice on how to run a qualified university, which in the future will become a world-class university,” said Dadan.

Dadan said, Universitas Telkom was nowadays rigorously expanding themselves in many sectors. This 2017, what they wanted to do basically was their education program.

“What we mean is in terms of lecturers, either in the context of functional posts, expertise in education levels, or research. Those are the areas we are working hard to improve. To reach the level of a World-Class University, we require our lecturers to have world-class level of education, teaching, and research,” he added.

He hoped, through this visit, there would be excellent collaboration between Universitas Telkom and UNAIR. He emphasized that collaboration is the key word in a development.

“You won’t go far if you’re alone. Our main aim here is to collaborate, especially with what we think are highly reputable universities,” he added. (*)

Author : Binti Q. Masruroh

Editor    : Nuri Hermawan

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