Airlangga Bojonegoro Community (ABC) succeeded in holding Muleh Omah Project 2017 (Photo: Special)
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UNAIR NEWS – Muleh Omah Project 2017, a series of activities held by Airlangga Bojonegoro Community (ABC), a student organization of Bojonegoro students at UNAIR, has ended. Creativities of this student community was channeled in the form of public service in Bojonegoro Regency last January.

Some of their activities which were held from 17 January until 20 February are ABC Goes to School, Airlangga Futsal Competition (AFC), Njungok Ormada, SBMPTN Try Out, 5th Call for Essay and Inspirational Talkshow, ABC Teach and Serve, and ABC on Vacation. The following are activities they had successfully done.

First, ABC Goes to School. It was an information program about UNAIR given to 36 SMA or equals in Bojonegoro Regency. The program, which was held from 17-31 January 2017 always felt special because they do it every year.

Second, Airlangga Futsal Competition (AFC). Thirty two (32) teams from various senior high schools in Bojonegoro Regency join the competition. The first-held competition received quite a welcome from students. Even the East Java’s Board of Education and Sports support it.

Third, Njungok Ormada. The activity aims to build harmonious relationship with other Bojonegoro student organizations from different universities. The program, which was held to swap ideas amongst students, was joined by no less than 14 organizations. Njunguk Ormada was held last 4 February.

Fourth, SBMPTN Try Out entitled Try Out ABC Sunday Morning. The program held at MAN 1 Bojonegoro is part of ABC annual program which has always been swarmed by senior high students from various schools in Bojonegoro. SBMPTN Try Out was held on 5 February and was joined by 630 participants from Bojonegoro Regency.

Fifth, 5th Call for Essay and Inspirational Talkshow 2017. The program entitled “Optimization of Bojonegoro Potentials and Resources in Welcoming Golden Indonesia 2045” was joined by 31 senior high school teams in Bojonegoro Regency. The winner was SMA 2 Bojonegoro team who wrote “Simple Procedure to Optimize Creative Industries Sector Potentials in Bojonegoro”.

“I am so happy I can join this program and won the writing contest. I never thought I would win. We thank our teachers for their guidance and motivation until we won the competition,” said Diah Kharisma Putriana and Rose Diantika, first winner of writing competition.

Acting as guest speaker the secretary of BKD Bojonegoro Rahmat Junaidi, S.KM, M.Kes, (MARS) in a program called Inspirational Talkshow. He talked about creative industries sector, economy, and tourism in Bojonegoro. In addition, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Soetojo, Sp.U, UNAIR also lectured. He talked about human resources and education role in maximizing nature resource potentials. Another speaker was Rexy Mawardijayah, representative of Exxon Mobile public relation, who talked about Migas Cepu and Banyu Urip refinery.

The Muleh Omah Project program concluded with vacation with ABC family at Wisata Bahari Lamongan (WBL). This was the moment for ABC team to relax and enjoy their odd semester holiday. They hoped this vacation would become an opportunity to know each other better.

Elvinda Shella as head of 2017 ABC said, all Muleh Omah Project 2017 programs were scheduled as such so that Bojonegoro people knew them better.

“We hope Muleh Omah Project program will keep on going and become better in the coming years. We want people to know about our activities more,” stated Elvinda. (*)

Author : Deviyanti Wahyu Izati (Student at the Faculty of Public Health generation 2015)

Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh 

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