Open dissertation defense of H. Asman abnur, SE., M.Si, of Islamic Economics Department of UNAIR Postgraduate School UNAIR on Monday, February 2. (Photo: Bambang BES)
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UNAIR NEWS – Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Republic of Indonesia in 2009 – 2004, Prof. Dr. Ir. KH. Mohammad Nuh, DEA said that open dissertation defense exam of doctoral program (S3) in Islamic Economics Universitas Airlangga is an effective way to promote the Islamic Economics as in the exam there was an accountable scientific studies of Islamic Economics.

“This kind of doctorate promotion, hopefully can improve Islamic Economics’ reputation to be higher and stronger in its practice, “said Prof. M. Nuh, the former Minister of Communication and Informatics   in 2008 – 2009.

The statement was made by Prof. Nuh when he was attending H.Asman Abnur, SE., M.Si doctoral thesis defense in Islamic Economics, held by postgraduate school of UNAIR, in Garuda Mukti Hall, Monday, February 26.

According to him, there are three things which should be appreciated in that kind of scientific event. First, it was an extraordinary event to share the scientific competence. Second, it was an effective way to explore the sharia economic practice as a new engine of economics.

“And the third, we should believe Allah will give the best when we do His commands,” he said in interview after attending dissertation defense of Administrative and Bureaucracy Reform Minister.

The promoter of Asman, Prof. Dr. Suroso Imam Zadjuli said that Asman is an intelligent minister. He was late for graduation due to his busy affairs as entrepreneur and politician.

“This minister has high excellence, but he is very busy. He is a minister and high level expert, he will bring greater impact for Islamic economics development,” said Prof Suroso.

According to the Director of Postgraduates school of UNAIR , Prof. Dr. Hj. Sri iswati, SE., M.Si., Ak., Islamic Economics has great prospects for future. Islamic economic can be applied by everyone with sharia as the basis, not the religion.

“The prospect of this study is great, because the Islamic economics entails the basics of sharia, basics of Islamic law, not the religion itself. So, it can be applied by any religion. He said Singapore has already as center of Islamic Economics. Why can’t we? “ she said.

“Hopefully, his dissertation can be implemented in Indonesia,” she added.

Authors : Bambang Bes, Binti Q. Masruroh.

Editor    : Nuri Hermawan

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