Campus B New Traffic Flow

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A large poster giving information about the new traffic flow in Campus B UNAIR complex (Photo: UNAIR)

UNAIR NEWS – Officially started on Friday (27/1), a new traffic flow is put into practice in Campus B Universitas Airlangga complex. There is a vehicles-free area, and also an area which used to be a one-way street but now it is a two-way street.

The Director of Equipment, Infrastructure, and Environment (SPL) Karnaji, M.Sos., stated that the new traffic flow is applied in order to facilitate accessibility for civitas academica who go to Campus B as their daily routine because the old traffic flow tends to go on a roundabout route and take farther distance.

Nevertheless, Karnaji explained that there is no significant change in the new traffic flow. There used to be only one motorcycle entrance which is from the main gate (in front of Faculty of Economics and Business); now, there are three entrances, namely main gate (in front of FEB), east gate (near Sharia Tower), and west gate (Dharmawangsa Street).

“Now we make Sharia Tower as the entrance to access FISIP (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences), Faculty of Psychology, FIB (Faculty of Humanities), and the Library. So there is no significant change, in fact we don’t have to turn around like we used to. When we want to reach FISIP we used to take a roundabout route from FEB and FH (Faculty of Law), now we add a separator at the entrance area near Sharia Tower,” Karnaji described.

The additional motorcycle entrance near Sharia Tower is put into practice because of new parking lots which are concentrated in east and south area. In both areas, motorcycle parking lots are placed on FISIP field, across the river, FIB, Psychology, and Vocation (Faculty of Vocational Studies).

Traffic flow map in Campus B Universitas Airlangga complex (Photo: Special)

Meanwhile, access for cars heading to FISIP, and FF (Faculty of Pharmacy), is from the main gate in front of FEB to the east direction. Parking lots are concentrated in the east of FF and according to each faculty. For cars heading to FEB, Faculty of Vocational Studies, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Law, and FIB the access is from the main gate in front of FEB to the west direction or go straight on to the south towards FH and to parking lots according to their faculty.

“The parking lot is already placed in the east of FISIP. No more parking lots for Pharmacy or Language Center except for employees. All students must move to the east of FISIP; as well as Vocation. That’s why we open a new access to reach there,” the Director of SPL added.

Until today, to disseminate the new traffic flow, SPL party has been in coordination with all work units of Campus B. Moreover, posters have also been set up in some public places. (*)

Author: Defrina Sukma S.
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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