No Need for Strict Diet, Manage Bodyweight by Paying Attention to Nutritional Supply

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UNAIR NEWS – Some time ago, there was a news on Putri Indonesian Maluku 2016 passing. Through medical checkup, it was known that she had condition with gastric acid. It was quite surprising news as it caused her death. This incident reminds us the importance of eating pattern and nutritional supply for our body.

People with busy days is reluctant to have problem with gastric acid. It can also happen to people who expect ideal bodyweight but neglect the eating patterns.

Dr. Annis Catur Adi, Ir., M.Si, a nutritionist of Faculty of Public Health explained the causes of moving up gastric acid. It usually moves up because of the higher acidity level. It stimulates the excretion of HCl which injures the stomach. If it happens, they will feel excruciating pain.

“It usually happens to people with strict diet. She could be worried of gaining weight. But because of busy schedules, the expectation of having ideal bodyweight, forgetting to eat and drink, eating pattern becomes uncontrolled,” said Annis after the calisthenics events in FKM, Friday, January 27.

What causes moving up gastric acid?

Aris said that irregular meal and extreme nutrition supplied into the body can trigger moving up gastric acid. The extreme nutrition supply can be caused by spicy food or extremely sour food.

“Consuming extreme food either very hot or sour can trigger the stimulation of high concentration of HCl,” said Annis.

Aris said that it is okay to eat hot or sour food but not when the stomach is empty because Chloride Acid will move rise and cause stomach wound. If it happens, it is difficult to heal completely.

“At least drink, because by drinking, it decreases the gastric acid. Water will be better. It will neutralize it,” he said.

Manage the eating pattern and nutrition supply

People who want to have ideal body will follow a strict diet and neglect their nutritional supply when to maintain bodyweight, people do not have to follow a strict diet and sacrifice their health. It is enough by maintain the eating pattern and paying attention to the nutrition.
“The key is balancing the intake and the output. If you want to eat delicious food, the output is also a lot, they must do exercise. If they do not want to do it, the meal must be scheduled. Because actually they key is just one, enough food, scheduled, and watch for the food,” said Annis.

Aris gave an example, in the plate, there should be various things. The more colorful and variative your food, the better for our body. At least it consists of rice, vegetables and the main protein source.

“That’s what we call healthy plate. Make it colorful. All this time, white is dominating. The more colorful the plate, the healthier. Do not necessary to count the calories,” he said.
If someone does not like vegetables, they can change it with more fruit. Fresh fruit will be better. If they do not like fruit, change it with juice.

“If you don’t like vegetables, eat fruit. If you don’t like fruit, make juice. Live healthily with your own preferences. Don’t feel forced to live healthy. If we do it in a fun way, we will get the benefits,” he said.

Aris added that live healthily can be started by doing exercise and have breakfast every morning. (*)

Author : Binti Q. Masruroh
Editor : Nuri Hermawan

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