Miky Nuhariadi, S.Farm., Apt., giving a presentation on starting a career in Faculty of Pharmacy (FF) UNAIR (Photo: Defrina Sukma S.)
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UNAIR NEWS – It is important to think of our career. But even more important is how we prepare ourselves for our career in the future.

“It is not important to be a boss or employee. But we need to understand are you ready for your career in the future,” said Miky Nuhariadi, S.Farm., Apt., a consultant of PT Proquaman Konsultan and alumnus of Faculty of Pharmacy (FF) Universitas Airlangga.

“It is important to have plans first. What do you want to be in a company for the next one or two years,” he added.

Miky said that before starting a career, there are four things we need to prepare, technical skill, character, business mindset and non technical skill.

First, technical skill, employees are expected to enjoy the learning process. Second, character, they have to be themselves. Third, they have to stay firm on their business mindset. Fourth, non technical skill is developed through teamwork.

The alumnus of FF in 2006 also said that the graduates should have professionalism. It is done by presenting the best outputs based on skills anytime at work. This professionalism can be seen from credibility, confidence and reputation.

While to develop professionalism, employees should consider four things. It was stated by Miky in “Alumni Share: Enters Your Career Journey with Professionalism”, held in FF on Thursday, January 26, in the same place.

First, time management and attendance. They are important. For the consultant who works as a consultant in a company, time accuracy determines the productivity.

“A research has shown that 80 percent of success is achieved by showing up. During meeting with boss, when you come late for five minutes, you miss a lot of information,” said Miky.

Second, communication skill. Miky said that in the 21st century, employees are expected to mind their sentences during ccommunication, mind their written work, rethink before sending the emails and prefer meeting the clients directly to talk about urgent matters.

Thirs, performance. Employees are expected to dress smartly as it affects impressions and perception of others.

Fourth, attitude. To have attitude, employees are expected to show enthusiasm, reliability and choose competition to improve themselves.

“Pick your battles. It is important to improve self. You must know who to compare. If you don’t know, we will never get the strategy,” said Miky.

Another important things, employees have to possess competence and initiative. In competition, Miky suggested employees to be “a paid expert”.

“If the client pays me, I have to give my best,” he said.

Competition is needed to perform as efficient and effective as possible at work.

Regarding initiative, Miky stated that employees with high initiative will get positive values. An employee can be deemed to be independent and he has swift career improvement if they have excellent initiative.

“lastly, if you want to be respected, then respect other people,” he said. (*)

Author: Defrina Sukma S.
Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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