Masculinity Studies to Create Egalitarian Gender Order

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Gender and masculinity studies expert, Dra. Nur Wulan, M.A., PhD

UNAIR NEWS – Specifically, Dra. Nur Wulan, M.A., PhD is interested in masculinity studies or norms of manly qualities. Masculinity studies learn the concept of man in the society, and the representation in literature. She studied masculinity representation in literature especially on children and teenage literature.

For Wulan, masculinity concept and children and teenage literature are two important things. Children literature is usually related to the role to educate, while literature for adults have their own specific mission more than education, but also to break the order and offer subversive values. Generally, what is in the children and teenage literature reflects norm considered idealistic by the society.


Wulan chose masculinity studies because not many people study about it. “Generally, gender studies mostly studied is feminism while masculinity in literature is still limited,” said Wulan.

For her doctoral research in Sydney University was about masculinity in literature for children and teenage in Indonesia.

In global academic community, masculinity discussion developed in 1980, with pioneers from the north hemisphere. So, the sources of masculinity studies are from the research about men in the West.

“In Indonesia, this study is not very popular. There is still great opportunity as not many have been explored and it helps us understand men in Indonesia,” said the lecturer who took master degree in Auckland University.

To support her expertise, Nur Wulan is in two international associations, American Men’s Studies Association and Inter Asia Cultural Studies Consortium. There, she has a lot of opportunities to share thoughts with other scholars in the same discipline in the world. Most of the association members are from the north hemisphere.

“I have a lot of opportunity to contribute to enlighten all the scholars, that science on masculinity was various and balanced. Not only dominated by west masculinity,” she said.

In this studies, Wulan has a wish to expand the horizon of science about masculinity and feminism to be equal as what comes from the West usually deemed universal value. When there are a lot of services considered not universal but if it is from the West, they believed it as universal unit.

Wulan hoped that masculinity studies can develop and make others understand about the concept of men. Therefore, with this they can be a bit realized that to be a man they do not have to be straight, rational, and dominating. So there will be synergy of man and women.

“Gender studies still revolve around feminism and womanhood. Actually, to learn masculinity is important to create egalitarian gender order. All this time, what has been studied in gender studies are women, feminism. Men have important roles to support egalitarian gender order. (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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