Criticizing through Dramaturgy Plays

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The scene in the 12th Dramaturgy play titled “AA II UU” on January 16. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Dramaturgy has made its twelfth performances. The performance of students of Indonesian Literature Dramaturgy Universitas Airlangga this year showed two plays,  AA II UU by Arifin C. Noer and Malam Jahanam by Motinggo Boesje. Different from the previous years performances, this time it was held in Srimulat Building Taman Hiburan Remaja on Monday, January 16. It was opened by remo dance performed by Indonesian Literature students followed with an address from the Head of Production, Citra and Puji karyanto as the lecturer of Dramaturgy.

AA II UU play was directed by Chendra Mitra started the show. The set showed a house with a living room and a bed. The character UU and Mama were in the room. They had a long conversation on history. UU admitted to Mama that he wanted to be a historian, but Mama replied that Historical Studies graduates difficult to get jobs.

Next scene was focused at the front part of the house. The scene displayed a family chat after dinner talking about the study majors Rustam children’s. In the middle of the conversation, UU said that he wanted to be a historian. The idea was rejected by Papa. It made UU disappointed and mad and he decided to lock himself in his room. Uncle Bahar and Aunt Seli arrival was expected to calm UU down. But UU was unaffected , he still wanted to study in Historical Studies. There was a long conversation between Uncle bahar, Aunt Seli, Papa and Mama on how to find solution to the problem and make UU give up his wish.

The next scene was in the bedroom when they checked on UU condition. The family discussed the weirdness of UU who always answered with ‘Yes, Ma’. They then speculated that UU was possessed. In the end of the scene, Mama agreed on UU choice to get into Historical Studies and the lights went out.

Malam Jahanam

The second play was directed by Faridah Eka Fatmala. It showed a realism plot and setting of a neighborhood. In the first scene, a loud laugh heard across the stage. A man called Utai appeared with his ragged clothes and walked carelessly. He head to a house and asked for a smoke. Unwelcomed, he walked towards Paijah’s house. Paijah came out to take her dry laundry and asked for Utai’s help to get them inside. In presence of Utai, Paijah said that she was waiting for her husband to be home. The stage was left empty until a massager passed offering his service. The next scene showed a character called Mat Kontan, as Paijah’s husband, who had a row with Soleman because of Mat Kontan thought that his parrot bird died because of Soleman.  In the end, Paijah admitted that she killed the bird. She also admitted that their child was the result of her affair with Soleman because Mat Kontan rarely stayed at home. It made him furious and Soleman died because of the fight. Mat Kontan talked about Soleman’s death to a massager the he exited stage. In the same scene, Paijah’s scream heard from the house. She came out of the house with her dead baby because of an illness. The scene was closed with her loud cry next to the massager.

Two plays performed in the 12th Dramaturgy event had similarity from their plot. The first play criticized the public who underestimated less ppopular department, while the second displayed a family conflict. The building for the show was crowded by people, not only from Indonesian Literature but also other departments.

“This course gives an opportunity to students to feel the main theatre ecstasy. Our students with determination and in a short period of time, prepared the scripts, practiced, until the execution tonight. Through plays, we are given space to learn the problems and the possibility to solve them,” said Puji Karyanto. (*)

Author :  Lovita Marta Fabella
Editor : Faridah Hari

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