62 Years, IIDI Holds Social Events

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62nd Anniversary of IIDI (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – An anniversary should not always be celebrated with a fanfare. To gives meaning of its 62nd anniversary, Indonesian Doctors’ Wives Association (IIDI) held series of educative events such as health counseling with different themes and inviting participation of hundreds of SMA students and the public.

The main event of 62nd IIDI Anniversary was celebrated at the same time with 88th Mother’s Day, National Social Care Day and International Disability Day. It was held in Airlangga Medical Education Center (AMEC) Building, FK UNAIR on January 18.  The four events were celebrated in a gathering of IIDI members, military widows (worokawuri) community,   Dharmawanita Persatuan, Indonesian Doctor Association, Women Organization Coordinating Agency (BKOW) and social foundation.

The head of IIDI of Surabaya, Ir. Heri Sri Totok Suhartoyo said that this year’s anniversary was celebrated with series of social events. There was an HIV/AIDS counseling in collaboration with BNN, in Grand City in November 2016, followed with publicization of the Danger of Drug Abuse attended by more than 200 SMA 20 Surabaya students in December 2016.

After the success of social events, the main event was celebrated with entertainment shows, such as traditional cake tumpeng creation contest with participants from IIDI members, and bazaar. There was also a relief aid presentation to Peduli Kasih Children with Special Needs Foundation, and Panti Pondok Kasih Surabaya.

IIDI is the only organization facilitating Indonesian doctors’ wives. It works in social medical field based on kinship and mutual assistance. Furthermore, IIDI Surabaya is the equal partner of Indonesian Doctor Association (IDI).

“Because we are based in Surabaya, we are the partner of IDI Surabaya. What makes us different from IDI is we have only one regional branch. While IDI has Surabaya branch and regional IDI for East Java,” Sri said.

In this period of IIDI management, Sri has formulated 7 programs, HIV/AIDS counseling, cervical and breast cancer counseling, drug abuse counseling, healthy life style, sanitation management, suppressing mortality rate of mother and baby during birth, also suppressing violence towards women and children. “We’re grateful that some of the programs have been done and we received positive response from the public,” she said.

Sri hoped that, the program can be useful for the public. IIDI does not work alone, in its implementation, IIDI has involved participation of the people such as posyandu cadres and PKK members. (*)

Author: Sefya Hayu
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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