Strategy to Face the Dynamics of Economy

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Harryadin Mahardika, Ph.D during presentation on Management Master education in Indonesian in Fadjar Notonagoro Hall, FEB UNAIR, Tuesday, January 17. (Photo: Siti Nur Umami)

UNAIR NEWS – Global economy changes dynamically in line with technological development. Internal and external turmoil have been the challenge for national business security. It can be the moments of revival or even depression.

Executive Development Program (EDP) of Management Master FEB held a seminar “CEO FORUM STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT FACING VUCA”, on Tuesday, January 1.

The seminar was aimed to formulate management strategies in facing global condition which is vulnerable, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

The seminar is also held to build awareness on future management activity probability with elaboration of macro and micro economy condition year by year so a strategic plan can be formulated.

The seminar was held in Fadjar Notonagoro Hall FEB UNAIR and attended by at least 200 participants, either from practitioners or academicians. The speakers were Sabam Hutajulu, PhD (CEO PT Tugu Pratama Indonesia), Mohammad Syafiudin, MBA (Chief HR Officer PT TPS), Harryadin Mahardika, Ph.D (KPS MM UI), and Faisal Ramadhan (Vice Branch Director BNI Syariah).

“In facing VUCA, PT Tugu Pratama instills values based on sincerity, technological quality improvement, product diversification, Initialing Public Offering (IPO), AM Best Rating, and establishment of Tugu School Leadership to build employees’ character,” said Sabam Hutajulu.

To build the employees’ character, Sabam tries to meet 220 employees routinely and his company also implements open information system for the employees. According to Sabam, open information brings sense of belonging to the business.

“I want them not only work and go home, but also understand the objectives of the company,” he said.

So does PT TPS, Syafiudin stated the importance of employees with spiritual calling category. In his opinion, it makes the employees understand that a job is not oriented to salary, but the quality of performance and service.

Furthermore, Vice Branch Director of BNI Syariah Faisal stated that spiritualism element at work is very important to create synergy, either from directors to employees or vice versa.

“Hopefully from the forum, I and all participants can gain knowledge and it can improve our each spiritualism,” said Faisal. (*)

Author : Siti Nur Umami
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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