Devising Historical Visualization Method for Students and Senior High School Teachers

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Documentary filming in Historical Visualization by students of UNAIR Historical Studies (Photo: Nurie Sitta Masruri)

UNAIR NEWS – Various ways initiated by lecturers to make history learning interesting such as suggested by lecturers of Historical Studies Department, Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Airlangga through Historical Visualization, by documenting historical event into a film, an effective media to transfer knowledge.

In 2015, the department had a community service event in one of senior high schools in Tuban. It was done to introduce a new history learning method to teachers through visual media.

“History learning publicization through visualization method in a film, so learning history is not always through textbook. In the community service we introduce history learning through documentaries,” said Gayung Kasuma, Coordinator of UNAIR Historical Studies program.

Some of the films used for publicization were films produced by UNAIR students who took Historical Visualization course. Some of the films were Sejarah Lontong BalapSejarah Kebun Binatang Surabaya.

These short documentaries are also shared through YouTube account. The objective is to make the films more accessible for public.

“During community service, we motivated them as different generations sometimes unfamiliar with things like these. The community service motivated the teachers to teach history in a fun way,” added Gayung.

Nurie Sitta Masruri, a student of Historical Studies who took Historical Visualization course, shared some stories on the interesting course.

“In the course, we do not only learn how to make films, but we also learn a little photography. I have learned how to make pictures tell the story. So, when we were filming, we must be sensitive to moments and manage people through camera frame correctly. So when the film finishes, it was not just an ordinary film. Things like those are taught in the course,” said Nurie.

Nurie added that historical film is appropriate for students’ learning as there is combination of text and visual. Nurie also hoped that from watching historical visualization, there will be many people inspired and make similar content with their gadget they have.

“Visual media is suitable for learning history, especially for high schoolers as now is the age of gadget. Everything is done with Android such as online book (e-book). This generation likes to film something then uploaded to YouTube or Instagram. Through watching the videos the learn many things,” said Nurie. (*)

Author : Binti Q. Masruroh
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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