Watching Videos to Understand Physics Formula

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Illustration: UNAIR NEWS

UNAIR NEWS – Physics is identical with various formulas to solve problems. Because of the formulas, many people may feel confused as there are a lot of formulas they need to memorize.

The coordinator of Physics bachelor program, Prof. Dr. M. Yasin, Drs., M.Si, did not deny that kind of problem happens to students. He was once difficult to answer a question from his junior high school child on the definition of atom.

“I have an experience with my junior high school child. What is atom? It made me think, how can we teach atom to junior high school students when it’s not their time to learn about it,” said Yasin.

Learning method becomes important. There should be innovation with the way of teaching so the basic difficult concepts can be taught with interesting learning model. The objective is to make students like the subject which learns the natural phenomena. A method Yasin uses for example, watching relevant videos to teach the concepts.

“Before I start the topic, I usually introduce the application in the industries. For example, when I teach laser optics, I illustrate the great applications of laser in the industries, for train manufactures, it is used for cutting steel. In beauty products, then they will be interested to get into the formulas,” explained Yasin.

Similar to Yasin, Dyah Hikmawati, M.Si, one of the lecturers of Material Physics said that, the formulas are one way to solve the problems. By learning Physics, the public actually can explore its potentials.

“The public haven’t seen Physics as a beautiful thing. If we go from its beauty, it will create great motivations. They work out the formulas in a mathematical way when the formulas actually help them to simplify the story,” said Dyah.

In UNAIR Physics, proportion between learning in classes and practical work in laboratory is balanced. Beside basic practice in the first and the second semester, students are also encourage to do next level experiments.

“We have Experiment I, II, Electronics, computer programming. It gives more skills. Beside theoretical understanding there is also practical work,” said Yasin.

Author: Defrina Sukma S
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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