SNMPTN 2017 More Selective, Central Committee Takes Over Ranking System

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Illustration: UNAIR NEWS.

UNAIR NEWS – Registration period of National State University Admission Selection (SNMPTN) is opened in February. Publicization is extensively done to provide accurate information to students. The central committee invited all Public Relations units of all state universities to follow the publicization of SBMPTN and SNMPTN 2017 on Friday, January 13, in Century Park Hotel, Jakarta.

Regarding SNMPTN, the quota of admission is limited based on the schools’ administration. For schools accredited A, 50% of their best students have rights to take part in SNMPTN; schools accredited B, best 30% can take part ; schools accredited C, 10%; Unaccredited, best 5% can participate.

In SNMPTN this year, there is no ranking done by schools. The ranking system is done by the central committee. “There’s no ranking from schools because their systems are different, therefore it is done by the central committee,” said the Secretary of Information and Public Relations Center (PIH) UNAIR Dr. drh. Bimo Aksono, MS.

For the ranking system by the central committee, the SNMPTN participants must have report scores from the first to the fifth semester (SMA/SMK/MA or equivalent with them in three years of learning) or report scores from the first to the seventh semester (four year SMK), which is entered in Central Database of Schools and Students (PDSS).

Regarding PDSS data entry by schools, it must be filled and completed since the process has started. There are cases from many schools which skip some parts of the data entry and they forget to get back at it or check again.

“There were a lot of cases on it. They intended to skip and back to it later, but they forget about it. So, administratively, they fail, said Bimo.

To be stricter with PDSS data entry, central committee has attached a statement form for the headmasters as the person in charge of PDSS entry so it will be done more carefully and correctly.

“In the end of the data entry, the Headmasters must fill in a statement form,” said Bimo.

After the PDSS data is entered completely by school, the students must verify their report academic performance entered by the headmaster or assigned staff with NISN and password give to each headmaster.

If the students do not verify the data, the data entered will be considered to be correct and they cannot be changed after the verification period is over. Before the school finalizes the data entry, the students cannot see the PDSS.

According to Bimo, the students must be careful in checking the data entered by their school as if a mistake is found, it will be deemed invalid or fail, even the students are accepted in SNMPTN.

“If there is a mistake with PDSS, please use Help meu,” he said.

For further information related to schedules and regulations of SNMPTN 2017, access

Author : Dilan Salsabila
Editor : Defrina Sukma S

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