Sampang Administration Receives 523 KKN Students

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523 students received at the Regency pavilion of Sampang, on Tuesday, January 16. (Photo: Zahrina Arum Nabilah)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga sends its students out through Community Service Program – Learning Together with the Community (KKN-BBM). This year is the 55th year UNAIR sends its students to East Java regions. There are 2,531 students sent to Probolinggo, Sampang, Bojonegoro, Nganjuk, and Surabaya.

The ceremony was held in Airlangga Convention Center, Campus C UNAIR on January 16. All students were gathered and grouped based on their assigned regency. They left for their assigned region by bus provided by UNAIR.

Sampang regency is the second closest area after Surabaya for this 55th KKN-BBM. There were 523 students from 14 faculties spread in 49 villages in Sampang.

62 students were assigned in Pangarengan sub-district, 87 student in Banyuates sub-district, 129 students in Sreseh sub-district, 110 students in Tambelangan sub-district, and 135 students in Mandangin sub-district.

The reception of KKN students were done in the pavilion of Sampang Regency. It was attended by the Vice Regent of Sampang Fadhilah Budiono while from UNAIR, there was Vice Rector III Prof. Mochammad Amin Alamsjah, Ir., M.Si., Ph.D, Ir., M.Si., Ph.D., the head of Institute of Community Service, Education, Training and Development (LP4M ) Prof. Dr. H. Jusuf Irianto, M.Com., and the field supervising lecturers in each village.

In this occasion, Fadhilah encouraged the students to do KKN-BBM seriously so their work will be able to help solving the problems in Sampang.

He believed that the biggest problems Sampang faces now are uncontrolled drugs abuse and flood which happens every year.

“Real contribution is really expected so the activity does not come and go only. I hope if the students find any problems, they can write them down in the report and they can be our evaluation topics,” said Fadhilah.

Rifqi Muhammad D.P, the leader of the group in Pangarengan sub-district, Pangarengan village, Sampang, said that he and his team was ready to work on their working program.

“Our program is in health, hypertension counseling for adults. In education, it is done by teaching and giving lessons at home. Economic program or entrepreneurship is done by counseling on how to open a bank account for elementary school students. While in environmental field, there will be social work and garbage bank project,” said the Accounting 2012 student. (*)

Author : Zahrina Arum Nabilah
Editor : Binti Q. Masruroh

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